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A cuentongas (English translation)

  • Artist: Dulce María (Dulce Maria Espiñoza Saviñon)
  • Song: A cuentongas
  • Translations: English, Portuguese

A cuentongas

A cuentongas 4:04
rompo tu foto para después
pegar los trozos arrepintiendome de haber dejado
que quiembrem el autocanho
cada mensaje de los que
voy grabando impulsos
en el constentados,son
la mejor señal de que
sin avisar emblando vuelver
a enamorar vuelves entrar
directo en vena y me siento
mal acurrucada em un ricón
soñando que el amora cuentongas
lento viene a burramera donde
estoy y a cuentongas soy.
Me arregea el cuerpo.
Cambio el peinado por uno
más alochado busco un body
fatal los pupilantes blue y la
mini más full voy a matar
mi look,vampira por un dia
planos que me has de teser la noche plena
día son rídiculos
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Little by little

Little by little 4:04
I break your photo and then
paste the pieces regretting having let
the jealousy to break the self-control
every message that I'm
recording on impulse
on the answering machine are
the best sign that
without warning l've fallen
in love again, you come back
straight into vein and it suits me
badly, curled up in a corner
dreaming that love, little by little
slow comes to find me where
I am and little by little today
Fixes my body
I change the hairstyle for
a more crazy one, look for a fatal
body1, the contact lens2blue and the
mini most full, I'm going to kill
with my look, vampire for a day
all the plans that you're going to weave for me, the night in broad
daylight are3ridiculous
  • 1. the garment I think
  • 2. cosmetic ones
  • 3. the plans?
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Submitted by HecatombeHecatombe on Sat, 30/10/2021 - 01:29
Author's comments:

So this is a weird one. I couldn't find a video for this on youtube.
The original song is from a band called Jeans. These lyrics have some lines in Portuguese, so I used the Jeans ones to give it a better sense.

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