Cuernito Armani (English translation)

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Little Armani horn

I owe you my life
Little Armani horn carved
You saved my life at fight time,
Leaving a night club
They wanted to take me down
My little Armani horn
I had to activate.
Dear queen, I think I'm being followed
Hold the Buchanan's, I'm gonna block them,
Dear queen, pass me my horn,
Jump to the drivers seat and don't look back.
I was chambering cartridges,
I kept gun bursting hard
Riding my Raptor truck
I couldn't blink,
They were keeping me on a short leash,
I couldn't relax
I was so fucking angry,
I had to kill.
Dear queen, don't be so nervous
Step on the gas, they're going to catch us.
As soon as my arms get in place
I will break them to pieces,
They're going to settle down.
They knew I was brave that's why they
Wanted to hunt me down.
Fear was present, I cannot deny it,
Gunshot by gunshot I didn't want to let up,
My tough luck shined once again.
A bullet got through the drivers body
Made their truck crash,
He couldn't do anything else,
I felt lost, I confess...
I pulled out the tapioca-root( means that he got lucky)
I managed to run away.
I owe you my life powerful Armani carved,
You didn't gave up at fight time.
I have the habit of being well armed
'Cause there's ordinary people I cannot trust.
It was a gift from a great señor
Who is main key there in Culiacan.
I'm bold and firm to the business
Finger in the trigger
Ready to activate.
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Note: goat's horn is a term used by Mexican mafia to call AK-47s. So in this song horn means that. Hope u like it. Let me know on FB or @mcortes11


Cuernito Armani

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