Currywurst (English translation)

  • Artist: Herbert Grönemeyer
  • Song: Currywurst
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Curried Sausage

Goin' into town
what'll fill you up
a currywurst (curried sausage)
Comin' from night shift
nothing better in the world then a
With fries alongside
oi, then I'll have rather two of the currywurst
Feelin' solid down
need sthg. to chew on
Willi, c'mon alongside
got an appetite
for currywurst
I need some in my tum
for my brother-in-law here, too, another
Oh Willi, just like heaven
you and me standing here
with currywurst
Oh Willi, what about you
havin' another brew
to the currywurst
Crap, it's spicy this wurst
man, that grows a thirst, the currywurst
Then when you're really canned
you'll be gettin' rather queasy
by currywurst
If that thing slips away
you'll be goin' home
full of currywurst
On your shirt, on your jacket
drat, what is this a sh..., all full of currywurst
C'mon Willi
please, please, come on home with me
listen, I'll be catchin' it, when I get home like that
Willi, Willi, your a mate to my taste
Willi, Willi, come on along, please Willi
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regional colloquial German spoken in the Ruhrpott (Ruhr area)


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