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Désobéissance civile (English translation)

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Civil disobedience

Too numerous are the ones who forgot the past
The history of Man is a shame, should we keep trotting it out?
The world, a spiral where the same mistakes are done over and over again
By dint of living with 1 the horror our hearts became ice-cold
They talk us about benefits 2 , the status of Man erased
Globalization and competition 3 are their only phrasing
People unilaterally crushed
The Creation 4 is threatened
Multinationals and Growth 5 make their roads on our liberties
They swore that nothing will hinder theirs 6 when the dictatorships will hide
Because of their "instantaneous profit" the future is wasted
That group of ungrateful reduced the Earth to a large marketplace
It's the law of the richest while many die even before getting old.
So called "criminal protestations" if you offended them
They lie when they say the ill-being is only passing
Then get surprised by the nature rebeling like a rabid nation
They say they are transparent 7 but their hands are bloodstained
They dis-advise strongly to have too much engaged idea 8
Their plans accelerated since the planes crashed
And you, tell me in what part of this system are you attached?
They advocate the blasphemy and the true light is lynched
All born with a rope around the neck, in some countries it already broken up
They talk about justice but they extracted it from the roots
The biggest grow fat by those who have nothing to eat
This is the world today it seems that their plan worked
They talk up their technical progress which really destroyed everything
They talk about evolution when mankind has been disjointed
Our heart does not really beat any more and unconscious is irritated
Stress, anxiety, cancers, depression, our will is cluttered
But we don't try to find the causes and effects we'd like to banish
Fast-food philosophy to better strike down our consciences
In the name of the human dignity we have said "THAT'S ENOUGH!"
Civil Disobedience (x8)
A united people will never be beaten (many times)
  • 1. "Rub shoulders with" but it doesn't make sense in English because it's not a person
  • 2. Profit, money
  • 3. Productivity
  • 4. Earth, like in religious texts
  • 5. Economic; [...]
  • 6. Freedom
  • 7. Innocent
  • 8. Against their politics
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Désobéissance civile

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