D'ä mê riva (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: D'ä mê riva 3 translations
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From My Shore

From my shore
only jour light kandkerchief
from my shore
in my life
your bitter smile
in my life
you will forgive my lump
but I think of you against the sun
and I know it well, you are watching to the sea
a little more off shore than the pain
and I am here, peeping inside
this sailor trunk
and I am here, watching
three velvet shirts
two blankets and the mandoline
and a hard wood inkpot
and inside a black cap
your photo as a girl
to be able to kiss Genoa once again
onto your mouth of naphtalene
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English translation has been done over the Genoan-to-Italian translation which is gently given in this site:


D'ä mê riva

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