Nicu Alifantis - Dacă tu ai dispărea (English translation)

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Should you disappear

Should you disappear
One night,
My sweet one, my bitter one,
I'd sail away on the sea, crazy.
With a sack full of clay,
And a back-full of twigs,
To make you from scratch,
With of my hands' power.
A long and monotonous labor,
To bring you back to life, woman,
Me, a sick Pygmalion
C'mon, walk, Galatea.
Should you disappear,
May your death be made of life only,
My sweet one, my bitter one,
I'd go to countries of ice.
To make you out of cold icicles,
To dress you in hoarfrost,
And then you may leave
Wherever you would like to.
Should you truly fall
In the moment of the great fall,
I would quietly come to you
To recompose you out of angels.
And then I will leave
Humiliated and delusive,
Where my home is,
An attic in the Purgatorial.
Should you disappear
From my laughter and my cries,
I would find you within myself
I would build you out of myself.
Should you
Should you disappear (should you)
Should you disappear
Should you disappear (should you)
Disappear (disappear)
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Dacă tu ai dispărea

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