At daggers drawn

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At daggers drawn (English) — In bitter enmity. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)
When people, or countries are in a state of extreme unfriendliness.
At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics, anonymously written originally in Italian.

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ItalianAi ferri corti

"At daggers drawn" in lyrics

For a long time, for a while now
I am at daggers drawn with myself
I asked questions, but there was no answer
I even fought against myself

Toygar Işıklı - The Mourning of Fire

What strange game is this? I'm playing it.
There is a hole in our relations
Doctors will patch it up till morning
You and I, we have been at daggers drawn<fn><a href="на_ножах">Russian idiom</a></fn> for so long


Quest Pistols Show - We'll forget everything

A bunch of crazed freaks, that like to show their teeth
The doormen don't like to let us in
'Cause after 10 minutes there are the first brawlings
Am at daggers drawn, my IQ is much too high
See just one last move by me and then you kneel
You'll get a load of milk in the face if you want or not

Genetikk - Konichiwa Bitches

[Verse 2: Karuzo]
By the great Manitu Apaches there are good news
Guess who cruises through the hood again at daggers drawn
What do you look? Paleface, continue doing that and you'll spit blood
The one with red eyes has spoken so you knuckle under all

Genetikk - Represent