Aziza - Dala3 El Banoota (دلع البنوتة) (English translation)


Dala3 El Banoota (دلع البنوتة)

اللي تاخدك
من اسى الدنيا بحنان
و اللي ضحكتها بتديك الأمان
هي دي اللي تداري
برموشك عليها
هي دي اللي تشيلها
فوق راسك كمان
دلع البنوتة دلع
قول لها اللي فقلبك طلع
و ارمي هم الدنيا و سلم
دي اللي بتهنن و تطبطب
دي اللي أحلى و أجمل و أقرب
لو تسيب يوم حتة تضلم
دي اللي واخده فالدلع
مية دوكتوراه
ماشية بتدلدق سعادة عالجميع
دي اللي أي عظيم
أكيد بتكون وراه
و في زعلها الكرة الأرضية تضيع
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تتر مسلسل دلع بنات

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English translation

Spoil the Girl

She is the one who takes you away
from the world's grief with tenderness
And her smile gives you safety
She is the one you should hide
with your eyelashes1
She is the one you should hold up high
and value as well
Spoil the girl, spoil her
Tell her what's in your heart, spill it
And throw away the world's grief and let it go
She is the one who spoils and cheers you up
She is the sweetest, prettiest and nearest to you
If she ever leaves a place it goes dark
She is the one who has in cuteness
a hundred PhD's
She goes around spilling happiness upon everyone
Behind every great man
Surely stands she
And when she is upset, the Earth is lost
  • 1. This is a bit idiomatic, the idea is that you are protecting her because she is as valuable as are your eyes.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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