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دمعتين (Dam3etain) (English translation)

  • Artist: Mohammed Fouad ( محمد فؤاد)
  • Song: دمعتين (Dam3etain) Album: حيران (1996)
  • Translations: English, Transliteration


النّهارده كُنت جاي لِك
جاي أعوّض وقت فات
كنت جاي يا حبيبتي أقول لِك
صَحِّي إحساسنا اللي مات
خدت لِك قلبي ومشيت لِك
فوق سنين بُعدي وحنين
شِلتِ كام حِلم في عيوني
لِسة ليكي مُشتاقين
خَدني شوقي عندِ بابِك
جايّ دايب من غيابك
واللي شُفته شيء حزين
شُفتِ إيدك حاضنة إيده
شُفتِ جوّه عينيكي عيده
شُفت ناس متجمعين
ناس تِغنّي
ناس تِهنّي
واللي رد عليكي مني دمعتين
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Two Teardrops

Today I was coming to you
Came to make up for a time past
I was coming, my love, to tell you
Awaken our feeling that has died
I took my heart for you and walked [to you]
Above the years of my dimension and nostalgia
I held a couple of dreams in my eyes
You, I'm still missing
My longing took me at your door
[I] came melting from your absence
And what I saw was a sad thing
I saw your hand holding his hand
I saw inside your eyes his feast
I saw people gathering
People who were singing
People who were congratulating
And my response to you from me were two teardrops
Two teardrops
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Submitted by MitwalyMitwaly on 2022-09-26
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