Abbas Alameer - Dama'y Khallas (دمعي خَلّص) (English translation)


Dama'y Khallas (دمعي خَلّص)

دمعي خلص بس عليك
ابجي وعيوني نعمت
اني ليلي بيك افكر
وانته وي غيري نمت
راح انسه وما اذكرك
راح من بالي اشمرك
يلي ع المرعودتني
بس غدر منك شفت
جنت من تزعل اموت
وعيني تبجي لو بجيت
هسة عادي ما اذكرك
وبعشك ثاني ابدتيت
ما تمر ببالي هسة
عودتني بحبك انسى
والله ما مرتاح بغيابك
وكلش احزن لو اجيت
دمعي خلص بس عليك
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English translation

My Tears Dried Up

My tears dried up just because of you..
I cry and my eyes have become worn out
I think of you all night
When you have fallen asleep with another
I will forget and won't remember you
I will shove you out of my mind
With you I have become accustomed to pain
All you've shown me was treachery
When you became upset, I used to die
And my eyes used to cry when yours did
Now, it's fine, I don't remember you
And I started a new love story
Now you don't even cross my mind
While loving you you taught me how to forget
I swear I'm not okay in your absence
And still I'd be so sad if you were to come
My tears dried up just for you...
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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