Danke (English translation)

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Thank you

Thank you - for the wonderful time, the flowers and the wreath of thorns
Thank you - for the construction and the unprecedented tolerance
Thank you - for the era and the hope that I once took from you.
Thank you - for the tears and the wish that turned out differently...
I never forgot who once stood by me
Who lit my way and found hope in me
I think about you so often and want you to know
That this pain that I gave you tears on me so terribly
But I can't ignore all the lousy pussies
The people who always believe "Ha, nothing will happen to me!"
I know about every friendship and I know about every enemy
I know about deep gratitude and who is sure to cry,
I know you feel safe and you think it's over
I know your punch was real, one, but now comes number two...
I love you from the bottom of my heart whether you are dead or alive,
I'm the bad luck in plumage that sticks to you all the time
I'm grown up with you, I'm Psychosis and compulsion,
I'm the sharp cut and also the next...
But you have to wait a bit because the time is not yet ripe
I have neither cancer nor AIDS and still play the shit live
I first take care of those who carry their scars
The good guys who get the answer if they just ask me
But I have to say thank you so often and beg for forgiveness,
I have to share my happiness with others before we go down.
Thank you - for believing in love and courage,
Thank you - for teaching about people, pain and blood,
Thank you - for the hours with myself inside me,
Thank you - that I am sleep and a horrible nightmare to you...
Now you hold in your hands that which burns my soul
A track that separates all the good from the really bad
An album and a post-it "listen to THANK YOU!"
I think of you so often, that will never change!
Do you now know that this is really important to me?
That hate and love are the same for me as well?
A letter sometimes brings an invoice
Where an amount wrestles with debit and credit?
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Danke schön Mizzycool2

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