Xavier Naidoo - Danke (English translation)

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All we've got left to do is say 'thanks' to you,
Because you've achieved great things these last few days,
And the sceptics fell silent after only a few hours
You fought your way to the top, for you were at the bottom
And those who fight like you did are allowed to lose sometimes
People love you, that will motivate you
And in hindsight, see what you've all achieved
You've kept the whole country on the edge, emotionally
This fourth of July wasn't a bad day,
This fourth of July just wasn't your best day
Man, you've beaten Argentina after a long game
New game, new luck, for this life has much to offer
You'v given us so much, your names shall be heard
Let us write you a song and sing your names
We salute our captain Michael Ballack,
You shot amazingly in spite of the pain
You fought hard, kicked the penalty in
When I saw your tears, mine also started flowing
The name of the next German hero is Torsten Frings
He plays in the midfield, and we know he gets far
He had been chosen, he was counted out
Man, we were shocked, we've missed you Torsten
Then the superb Miro Klose, always there for a quick goal
He twirls around like a tornado
We only so rarely comme across people like you
First name: Lukas - Nickname: Poldi
Believe me Lukas, we really had a great time watching you
Bravely battle on, give us the chance to lose our minds
When you score again
It's such a shame, Jens Lehmann,
That we could see you so little at home
You didn't disappoint us, but made us quiver
We were worried, you were composed
Your strength really lies in your calm attitude
You opened the door leading to our hearts1
Before the blue eyes came the broken arm,
But Germany's first goal was scored by Philipp Lahm
Seeing you play was a revelation
Philipp, never will we forget your name
Here comes that Bastian Schweinsteiger,
Even when he falls, he keeps playing the ball
Who could ever stop you, now it's on - Take over the game and simply leave your opponent standing there
And we can't forget Per Mertesacker
You turned many a defender into movers
You did your job and were thus immortalized
Quite a few opponents must tell themselves, He is a mother-
Christoph Metzelder was the fire alarm
And fire extinguisher of the football field
The opponent comes, the opponent is stopped
Strikers are like trees to him, and trees, he cuts them down
Sebastian Kehl was also chosen
And was right away animated by the battle
He gave his best and made his thing,
And his name will we also sing from now on
We wished so much that Bernd Schneider
Would score that one goal, but unfortunately he didn't
But head up high, Bernd, we like you more than a bit
Sparks were flying when you played, you're a great guy
And Arne Friedrich seemed too friendly to us at first,
But then he was born again, and we finally saw it,
The door before the goal closes itself
Arne Friedrich, Germany loves you
Hey ho, David Odonkor, run light lightning to the goal,
Play your pass and prepare another goal like that one
People said Who's that David, no one knows him,
Now the whole country would like to be part of your family
You were on the German bench, Tim Borowski
The opponents want to win, but you shock them
We want to see you play and be victorious with you again
When the pump almost stops, you make it beat like crazy
And Robert Huth also came along nicely
And did what a nice man does on the pitch
He put himself forward and we saw his courage
Then back on the bench, Robert, I tip you my hat
Mike Hanke, you also deserve to be thanked
The life of a striker is never easy on the bench
I also have jersey, of course with the number 9
And next time, you will rejoice us with your goals
The future also belongs to Marcell Jansen
I already see the strikers showing up near you
Steal them their occasions and their courage,
And do what the men in our defensive do
And had strikers stood before Jens Nowotny,
Jens, he would have stopped and expelled them
I want to thank you for your emergency service,
You've burned for the game and reach the goal
And Thomas Hitzlsperger was also often spared the pitch's sorrows, but you also deserve thanks from the sidelines
Had our midfield staggered, we would have taken you,
And then you would have raced to the goal despite the late start
It's almost madness to have seen Oliver Kahn
Standing not in goal, but on the sidelines
But thank you Olli, you really are a master,
You've done uncountable things for both country and team
Timo Hildebrandt only sat on the sidelines,
But be prepared, the time will soon come
When this country shouts your name
During the penalty shoot-outs
Oliver Neuville, our trump card for the game,
Scored an important goal at the right moment
Penalty in, what a gift
Of course, we will forever think of us
I sincerely thank you, DJ Asamoah
Thanks to you, my songs played in the changing room
DJ and strike, we want more
Gerald Asamoah, score your next goal now
And thanks to Jürgen Klinsmann's great vision,
We still dreamed of victory and had it already
We raise you again, onto the football throne
Please don't leave now, we will pay you twice as much
You are bearers of dignity, Andy, Olli, Jogi, Jürgen
We'd like burden you some more,
You and your assistants,
So stay with us, the European Championship is at our door
For in the end, you almost led us to victory already
Thank you for that, we were deeply touched
I thank those men for everything, honour where honour is due
  • 1. 'Tor' means both 'door' and 'goal'.
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Song written following the defeat semi-final defeat of Germany against Italy in the 2006 World Cup, which Germany hosted.



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