Juliette Gréco - Dans ton lit de cristal (English translation)

English translation

In your crystal bed

You are reading "the Flowers of Evil"
as you await the male
that will carry your sweet sixteen away
in your satin bed.
Only in the early hours
will he let go of your hand.
He, your first lover,
will abandon you
in your dull, cold bed
to seek other preys,
other flowers to rape.
You won't forget him.
There will always remain
a place in your heart
where his eyes are engraved.
You are reading "the Flowers of Evil"
and you could not care less
about my love for you.
In your satin bed,
you dream of this kid
who said this morning:
"I wrote a poem for you".
In your velvet bed,
you say loving words to yourself
waiting for the day to come.
Tomorrow you'll meet him.
Him you will listen to,
and him you will believe.
You will take his arm,
maybe even in front of me,
my pretty flower of Evil,
my horizontal dream1.
You're falling asleep now,
and I gently cover you up
and switch the light off.
You're so far away already,
in your child dreams,
in your satin bed.
You're setting off for tomorrow,
without even a wave of the hand.
You just smile,
like a nice warm weather.2
I lock the door.
Sleep tight, and above all,
above all, dream about him.
  • 1. "horizontal" as in "lying in bed". Not sure the English carries the same lustful allusion
  • 2. this can also be read as part of the next sentence: "the weather is so nice, so I lock the door", or a standalone "the wheater is so nice!"
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Dans ton lit de cristal

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