だれにも言えねぇ (Dare ni mo ienee) (English translation)


これ以上 かわいい人 この世にいるのかと
思うけど ホントかな だったらマズい
子犬の遠吠えさえも 劇的に聞こえてしまうのは
魔法にかけられたんだ もう逃げられないだろ?
指と指がふれあうだけで ビリビリしびれてる
きっとものすごく好きなこと 気づいてしまったよ
海辺のWIND 黒い髪ゆれて その隙間から
見つめられ こうなったらもう ぜんぶ受けとめよう
ありえないと言いながら いつかくなる日がきますようにと
強く願っていたんだ 人のせいにゃできないだろう
離さない 離したくないよ 他に何もいらない
はずかしい言葉だけが 胸に響いているけど
動悸がする めまいもする 息がきれる なんとかして
雷の匂いがして 雲が動きだす
どんなことが起きたって 不思議じゃないよ
ふみ出した大きな一歩に 後悔はしないけど
この先に何が待ち受ける ビビっているけど
Submitted by Zarya MoonwolfZarya Moonwolf on Sat, 02/01/2021 - 23:15
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Can't Tell Anyone

Is there any woman who's prettier than her?
I wonder that, is it true? If there's one, it's awkward (at last)
Even the howl of the puppy sounds dramatic to me
Maybe it's because a spell was cast on me, and I can't turn away anymore
Just touching your fingers, I feel sparks flying
Maybe I've found something I really love
Can't tell this to anyone
The seaside wind (ha~)
Her black hair (ha~)
It shakes and from the gaps
I'm being stared at (ha~)
Now I'll accept everything (flatly)
Even while saying it'd never happen, I've been hoping a day like this would come
How would it be other people's fault
Won't let you go, I never wanna let you go, I don't need anything else
Although some shameful words are echoing in my heart
Can't tell this to anyone
I feel my heart beats fast
I feel dizzy too
I'm out of breath
Please help me anyhow
With the mood of the thunder, the clouds begin to move
Whatever happens, it's not a surprise
Won't regret the big step forward that I'm taking
But I wonder what's gonna happen after this, I'm nervous
Can't tell this to anyone
Submitted by Zarya MoonwolfZarya Moonwolf on Thu, 14/01/2021 - 11:42
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