Darya Dadvar lyrics

valerengenvalerengen    Wed, 09/09/2020 - 09:53

🌷🌷🌷👑👑👑💞💞💞Congratulations for your Divine Activity 💞Divine Music 💞🇮🇷💞Divine Voice 💞Divine Language 💞🇮🇷💞I love very much your Culture, Your Traditions 💞🇮🇷💞You are Divine 💞🇮🇷💞The Most Beautiful Godess 💞🇮🇷💞Darya Dadvar 💠💠💠The Beautiful Treasure of our entire Imense World 👑🇮🇷💞🌏💞🇮🇷👑The True and Beautiful Queen of Our entire beautiful World 👑🇮🇷💞🌏💞🇮🇷👑Your Culture 💞🇮🇷💞Your Traditions 💞🇮🇷💞Your Music 💞🇮🇷💞Are from God 💞Our very Beautiful Sun🌞who enlighten us everywhere we are in The Planet👑💞🌏💞👑and in Universe 👑💞🌏💞👑... 👑💞🌏💞👑... 👑💞🌏💞👑Respect and Love You from România 🇦🇩

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