Peter Heppner - Das geht vorbei (English translation)

English translation

That will pass

That will pass
The wounds will be healed by time
Despite violated vanity
And even if a scar remains
That will pass
That will pass
Just take a little time
Even if the pain seems endless
You can bear much more than you think
That will pass
That will pass
There's a time for everything
No matter if it's big or small
That's the way it seems to be in this world
That will pass
That will pass
Nothing is forever
What looks right and perfect today
Could simply be gone by tomorrow
That will pass
And however hard a man tries to change himself, whatever he thinks
How much he tries to control his life and to whom he gives his life
He does a lot, fearing to be forgotten
Just to feel a little bit of immortality
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Das geht vorbei

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