Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - Das nullte Kapitel (English translation)

English translation

The chapter no. zero

The peng birthed itself in the poet intestine of the word whale
It grew over days and years, until it wore fingers on its eyes and ears on its feet
It danced through the bloodstream of the animal, until it reached the border of its heart pumping with might
There it saw the quietly singing bing, that kept the whale alive
It creeped ahead to the animal's eye, took all its courage and excreted itself
as a tear, to merge with the ocean
The ocean was a rough soul and threw him through high waves and
torrential vortexes down into the depths of an immeasurable width
And there, in the blackest black the monster awaited him
It grabbed him with the arms of a kraken, pearled with suction cups
and pulled him into its lap softly
From that day on together they are looking for the author of the chapter no. zero
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Das nullte Kapitel

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