Datsik - No Requests


No Requests

[Verse 1: KRS-ONE]
You don't know the difference yet
So let's go up
This the music you listen to
As you roll up
On the scene I mean
It's Knowledge
Reigns Supreme I mean
I cover the whole face of hip-hop
Like I'm Maybelline
I got a crazy team
With over a million members
But rappers deal with numbers
MCs we deal with letters
They let you see
The formation of new ideas as energy
Pass that pen to me
I free style above the average
I'm like an alien MC surrounded by savages
(Uh) It's like a jungle sometimes, but I'm superior
Man, I got bundles of rhymes to clear this whole area
[Beat Drop]
[Verse 2: KRS-ONE]
You won't find me in the mainstream if you look
You gotta look up 'pioneer' in them history books
Universal doesn't give me hooks
Nobody writes for KRS, you can read my books
Man, I be's my looks
No makeup here
I don't hang around at the top
It's too fake up there
Forget being in the front
I'd rather sit in the rear
And chill with my real people way down here
And oh yeah, I'd rather have a hundred true heads by me
Than one million fake fanatics standing behind me
Try me, I keep it raw and grimy
In front of the local Shop 'n Go
Spitting flows is where you'll find me
In the club
They have to look
Cause the crowd be jumpin' up from my classic hooks
Man, I'm not the crook type
I'm more the book type
I exist so you can see what a master looks like
[Beat Drop]
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