Almafuerte - De la carne (English translation)

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About the meat

Digested, soon will be, the meat of their bodies.
I know, they're going to the slaughterhouse.
They won't return to herd the grounds
of the rural plain. The owner decreed.
Because he decides the final way, that the butcher waits.
Who without delaying, will slaughter the skinning.
To please the argentinian carnivore.
Without wasting the vapor of his hell.
Cold meat, that the palates are demanding.
As who has it, demands protection.
I go with my partners, transporting between irons
of the bold vehicle. Far from the mess.
Documentation that in a digital try,
will be evident. For the skilled to handle it.
Without fear to lose.
Without expecting rewards for giving.
Another wink, that wakes the awake.
I'm leaving behind, the cow flank,
of who goes for more. Far from the mess.
Eighteen are the ones of the grain carrier
that are left behind, while I go back to my place.
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De la carne

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