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Mi tierra (English translation)

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About my homeland

Of my beautiful homeland, of my saintly homeland,
I hear that cry of the drums and the timpani.
And this song that a brother sings,
Who lives far away from his homeland,
And the memory of it makes him mourn.
A song that lives in tune
Of his sorrow, of his own weeping,
and he listens to it and grieves.
The land that you ache for,
The land that he gives,
The land that makes you sigh
If you don’t see it often.
The land where he was born;
You can not forget,
Because he has your origins
And he leaves that behind.
They follow the songs, and the sadness
And each night with the moon
He follows the sound of a sad song.
And each keeps silent as he follows it to my town.
He groans and laments,
He is nostalgic.
And this song that he follows in tune,
Runs in the blood,
And brings more strength to the heart.
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Mi tierra

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