De vez en cuando la vida (English translation)

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Life once in a while

Life once in a while kisses our mouths
And in colors it spreads like an atlas
It takes us for a stroll by the streets through the air
And we feel ourselves in good hands
It becomes tailor made, takes our steps
And takes a rabbit from the old top hat
And one is happy like a child
When he leaves the school
Life once in a while has a coffee with me
And it's so pretty that I'm pleased to see it
Letting its hair down invites me
To be on stage with it
Life once in a while gives in nude
And gives us such a slippery dream
That one has to walk tiptoes
For not breaking the spell
Life once in a while sharpens with the brush
We get goosebumps
And we have no words to name what it offers
To the ones who know to use it
Life once in a while makes a prank on us
And we wake up without knowing what happens
Sitting on a pumpkin
Sucking a stick
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De vez en cuando la vida

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