Dead ringer

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Dead ringer (English) — A duplicate.

English, explained by Albaniana on Sat, 08/04/2017 - 22:33
from "ringer", a copy (originally a horse with a false pedigree), and "dead" meant as "precise" (dead center, dead right) - petit élève 1 year ago

Dead ringer — точная копия

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"Dead ringer" in lyrics

Yeah, I'm knocking on the doors of your hummer hummer
You'll be hungry like the wolves hunting dinner dinner
And we're moving with the packs like hyena ena
Barbarella look like she's my dead ringer
When I'm dogging on the bonnet of your red Honda

M.I.A. - Bamboo Banga

I don't know who you are
But you're a real dead ringer for love
You're a real dead ringer for love

Cher - Dead Ringer For Love

Schrijfster op TV
* obscuur
** vond alleen 'dead ringer' via wikipedia
*** het hele couplet is nogal duister...

Dire Straits - Schrijfster

Vengeance is what I believe in
I don't get mad, I get even
Odette can't get to the ball 'cause I won't bring her
So I'll zap up a date who's a real dead ringer

Up to no good, I love plottin'

The Swan Princess (OST) - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Blair like Tony, let them know we hit back like
One Punch Man, bring a fist to the scheme in the way
To the point of decay
No dead ringer, middle finger to all the bullshit
When they blare it in your motherfucking face
When they treat you like a motherfucking creature

KSI - Creature