deal with it

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deal with it (English) — A verb, an imperative; to cope, to adapt, 'to feel the suck'. Inferring that you should improvise, adapt (with a positive attitude) in the present circumstances or situation. Not said but implied, stop complaining and whining and go on.

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deal with it — kabullen bunu

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"deal with it" in lyrics

Mind control many people like Zuma
What? Fuck you arsehole!
Say what you like but you can't so fuck all
Deal with it! You can't fuck with my game
Charf my shit, I'll buckle your fame.

Die Antwoord - What you looking at?

You take the clothes off my back
And I let you
You steal the food right out my mouth
And I watch you eat it
I still don’t know why
Why I love you so much

Jay-Z - Holy Grail

I’m getting tired of this shit
I've got no room when it's like this
What you want of me
just deal with it

If you were dead or still alive,

Apocalyptica - I Don't Care

We’ll give you everything and more
The strain’s too much, can’t take much more
Oh, I’ve walked on water, run through fire
Can’t seem to feel it anymore[fn]An angry voice and one who cried is also beautiful. It shows how different they are and how, now, they can’t deal with it. Now, the final lines are really deep. “Cant’s seem to feel it anymore”. He once loves a girl but now he does not feel it anymore[/fn]
It was me, waiting for me
Hoping for something more

Joy Division - A New Dawn Fades

Only thing was I never saw enough of you.
The last thing I said to you was I hated you,
I loved you and now it's too late to say to you.
Just didn't know what to do or how to deal with it,
Even now deep down I'm still livid.
To think, I used to blame me,

Professor Green - Read All about It

Knows that these things happen from time to time,

Sorrow can be hard to deal with,
But you have to learn how to deal with it when betrayed by friends.
I have also lost my beloved,
How can you think you're the only one going through this?

ABBA - Fernando (Svenska)

So now she tells herself 'That's it', they're alone in the Twingo
It's gonna swing, she takes off her tanga and scores an ace just like Tsonga[fn]<a href="">Tsonga</a&gt;, French tennis player.[/fn]
Yes but here we are, nine months later
He can't deal with it and runs away, like a bastard
She found out that he rather likes to party, actually
And so here she is, alone in this saga

Colonel Reyel - Aurelie

Ain't much I can do but I do what I can
But I'm not a fool theres no need to pretend
Just because you got yourself in some shit
It doesn't mean I have to come deal with it
You handle your own when you become a man
And become a man when you handle your own

Yelawolf - Till it's Gone

At the end of the day
You're a needle in the hay
You signed and sealed it
Now you gotta deal with it

Scorpions - Humanity

If my boss sees my status, he'll be freaking out
But I don't care
Oh, well
Deal with it later


5 Seconds of Summer - I can't remember

Far, far away, and never going to return.
You've found your world, when you like where you are.
You don't give a damn about money,
Whatever comes, you'll deal with it.
Because the best things in life are free!
It won't be easy and you can't trust anybody!

Cro - Starting Now

so sad, that its not important to cry anymore.

dont make me any room beside you,
deal (with it) I'm leaving.
smile, you know (!?)
dont save me a warm place to return to when i'm drunk.

Dor Daniel - room beside you

Keeping vigil by your side, Absolutely won't run away, Won't let anyone flush us apart

Not afraid the wind will see through My loneliness, Not afraid the rain will entangle me, Wipe the tears dry
Let the memories rewind, I'll hold on to love, Don't let me deal with it by myself
This regret over losing you, I'll be brave

Rainie Yang - Looking To

mind control many stupid people like Zuma
wat? Fuck you poepol!
Say what you like but you can't do fokol
Deal with it! You can't fuck with my game
charf my poef ek buckle jou frame.

Die Antwoord - Wat Kyk Jy?

That encourages brothers to think, progress & go ahead
Barely one year later, I do it again, already
I'm too inspired, I'm too hungry, I need some real rap
2009, new album, you have to deal with it
On Nino's productions, I anticipate leaving you kilometers away
No respite, no rest, no break, no mercy, composed MC

Kery James - The comeback of French rap

When she pop tell her hol' up
Better believe she gone leave with a real nigga
I dick her down can't put it down like I do
I get to bussin' no discussin', gotta deal with it
Team us, we ain't worried about you
Murder she wrote

Omarion - Post To Be

You were on the other side
Like always, wondering what to do with life
I already had a sip
So I'd reasoned I was drunk enough to deal with it
You were on the other side
Like always, you could never make your mind

Florence + The Machine - What kind of man

"no pain no gain",
"just do it",
"life is short play hard",
"shit happens deal with it",
"get a life".
these people went from

George Carlin - Free-Floating Hostility


Dražen Zečić - Is there hope for us

i am scared, one day either he will hang himself, or she wud strangle him when he is snoring

see , now i am sorry for him , bless him
if tht was me , i wudnt deal with it
above all there are 5 brats tht rows
Fortunatly i wud nt wish tht even to my enemies

Yusuf Hayaloğlu - Ah Ulan Riza

And you know you woulda took the bullet if you saw it
But oyu felt it and still feel it
And money can’t make up for it or conceal it
But you deal with it and you keep ballin’
Pour out some liquor, play ball and we keep ballin’
Baby we’ve been living in sin ’cause we’ve been really in love

Diddy Dirty Money - Coming Home

the shit that went down
She’ll be back soon, laying arm in arm
in her bed be at home
Shut your mind off and deal with it

<strong>Bushido: </strong> Man, you’re right

Bushido - Dirt Bag (explicit)

(I don't have to justify anything)
(I'm just like you)
(Why should I be?)
(Deal with it)

Madonna - Human Nature

You’re everything I need, more than what’s essential for survival
You’re the air I breathe, without it, it doesn’t go on
Everyone here tries to screw me out of my money
But I learned to deal with it; I learned to watch every penny
I’ll miss you when I go
The hungry dogs, they bark at me

Fler - You Make It So I Can Breathe

Everyone I know feels like the planets spinning faster and faster.
Straight for disaster, no, shining through the pressure, 'cause the way we deal with it will define us, pressure makes diamonds.

Now there's no going back, back, back, back, back, back

McClain Sisters - Go

What did i do to lose you?

Why i miss you so much like this
My mind is not enough to deal with it
Burn my heart like flame
If i only can hear the smeel of your skin

Esin İris - I miss

A boy and a boy, how could they be that close?
Louie couldn’t deal with it, but he did promise 'her'
Lawrence was just as infatuated
Until 'she' finally took a leap

Denise Ho - Louis and Lawrence

Hip hop is my life
and you needed love
you can deal with it
or i'm gone my sweetheart

Frenkie - Raise

But you felt it and still feel it
And money can't make up for it or conceal it
But you deal with it and you keep ballin'
Pour out some liquor, play boy, and we keep ballin'

Diddy - Coming Home

i give it to you, you deal with it

i give it to you, you deal with it

Raina - Zipper on the mouth

It is three in the morning, my dear!
And you do it on purpose, my home, my home!
How to deal with it?
In fact, I’m in love. What nerve! What nerve!

Khaled - What Does She Have?

Givin' up, givin' up, givin' up my choice

If I'm wrong, hey! Then I'll pay for it
If I'm right, yeah, you're gonna deal with it
'Cause I'll try, yeah I'll try for it
I'll try and I'll cry, even die for it

Van Halen - Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)

Verse 1:
I can’t deal with it anymore‚ cause I have fans like never before
Sonny Saad on “Carlo, Coke” fucks you at every stop ¹
If you protest against us just once, you’ll get hit upside the head from both sides

Bushido - Sonny Black

I need a fix
I can't take it
Just one more hit
I promise I can deal with it
I'll handle it, quit it
Just one more time

Kelly Clarkson - Addicted

Let me direct traffic first of all, you've got a voice like a foghorn
Baby baby shut off! Trying to place the blame at this point
Somebody bring me a CCTV, Third parties around us need to sneak off, please
Let's deal with it through insurance, then I rest my case!

Huh, Is this real love?

Mando & Chigi - He Says, She Says

Pain never lasts for years
The time of pain (usually) last no more than two days
And each day it gets less worse by a bit than the day before
And I will not deal with you (meet, literally) and I will not deal with it
It will forget about my heart and my tears
It will turn back at you

Elissa - You Pained My Heart

It's still as simple as it seems

It is all so simple
Just deal with it

Katy Perry - Simple

And understand when you don't understand me
Leave me alone let me be lonely
It's okay, I'm alright
I should have stopped minding how you deal with it long ago

Leave me alone let me be lonely

Johannes Oerding - Leave Me Alone

And although heartbreak throws me down, I'll go in my own direction
I'm a tailor of disaster, a burden in each relationship
A magician, in love with risk and its glitters
And whoever loves me should deal with it
What can I do about it? If I live peacefully in another galaxy
If what I know chokes me, it doesn't calm my anxiety

Nach - On The Tightrope

fed up of pain

and how i can't deal with it,
loneliness, i truly fear it

Eyal Golan - whole life

Either you do or you don't, wanna kill ya self
Everybody knows you got a problem so it don't matter if you admit it
But what you gotta do is be a man 'n' fuckin' deal with it

I know the truth hurts, mama

Plan B (UK) - Mama

I brought a dear rock
I set down soul on your ledger
I brought love for you
if you only knew deal with it!

Nedzad Muric - To kiss your footstep

Actually love is much further harder than the sorrow
We are so different from each other,
only fool (stupidity) is the similarity
Although, sometimes frustrating, sometimes deal with it

Must be love, love, I think he's being loved

Personal Taste (OST) - My Heart is Touched (가슴이 뭉클)

He's in good company, flattered I know it!
I don't care, I don't care!
He's all the time in good company, more than one to flatter him
Yes I know, he's an artist, a real one, I deal with it, I don't care cause I've my baby!
I've his baby, baby, baby,
His baby, baby, baby.

Lylah - My baby

I'm not asking for anything, naturally
And anyway, I hate to beg
I'll call you in a few days
I'll let you some time to deal with it
I'm doing fine
Don't stay alone

Benjamin Biolay - August 15th

Dither heart is like torn apart.

*Most afraid of dark, most afraid of the recall on heart.
Haunted, and don't know how to deal with it.
Weary dream, exhausted love,
Am I already no matter to you?

Kwok Cheung Lee - When Feeling Deepens

You're still mine

If this is new
Just can deal with it
In a way you could say
I was always the same

Sky Ferreira - 24 Hours

Mind control you many stupid people like Zuma (SA president)
What? Fuck you asshole!
Say what you like, but you can’t do fuck all!
Deal with it, you can’t fuck with my game
If you say I am gay I will buckle your frame

Die Antwoord - What are you looking at?

Lay flat on your back and let her deal with it all
Lay flat on your back, she's your teacher
Lay flat on your back and let her deal with it all
Lay flat on your back, she'll teach you straightaway

VoltaJ - The German class

I know, desire is not enough, when the whole world is cursed
Yet broken wings can try to heal
I won't complain about myself in this song
I deal with it all, because I have reason and hands[?]
I take over the world with reason, I defend myself with my hands
Well, and I still have a heart, and in it a fire still burns...

Alicja Janosz - It is how it is

I&#039;m so so sick
Can&#039;t handle it
Yeah I talk Shit
Just deal with it

My rims are 23 inch

Pink - Cuz I Can

Did I hear a toast my dear friend?
Come raise your glass let's empty it
Take it easy no buts
You let go of your troubles, deal with it later

Because we can go away from here if you want

Stiftelsen - From here

I dropped yesterday, under the table of an organized breakfast
Even with words, and even with my body, I cannot deal with it

A train travels past my throat, and you smile in the back seat, looking at a lovely flower

the cabs - Leland

Personally, I think it's the case
But we don't see it,
We hide it,
We deal with it
Is that what life is?
It's those who don't have any who show them off

Agora Fidelio - I've Seen

You see the changes
In things that come
It's how you deal with it
When switching off
Make a decision

The ting tings - We Walk

You annoyed the gang,
Now try to do it,
Deal with it,
This is my Gang!
Charlie Brown...

Charlie Brown Jr. - Straight Talk


In the morning when we wake up
We can deal with it, but after we make love..ohhh
Happy to be in your life,
Just wait until tonight...

Mary J. Blige - Tonight

Im'a knock the pussy out like fight night

I'm a rich nigga, I don't like a bitch nigga
Nigga broke nigga, I don't deal with you
All of my niggas, official, My bitches they strippers
My niggas they criminals trying to get to the M&Ms

Migos - Fight Night

she says: "hey, can you really throw it away?
in the end it's a corpse, right, or what is it?
Is it bio-trash, or what is it?"
She's laughing and crying at the same time, is totally not managing to deal with it
I can watch the driving mirror, and it disgusts me
I still got the SMS in my 'send objects' folder

Tua - Untitled

She really hurt me, Why did she called me stupid face?
Is my face stupid? How's that even possible?
A person can be stupid, but a face, that's impossible
Shit happens all the time and you learn how to deal with it
Regular everyday normal fuckin' bullshit

Jon Lajoie - Everyday Normal Guy 2

the one thing i do know
that im so sure of,
is with you gone im lost,
and im so confused i cant deal with it no more,
without you i cant see it, take this pain from me,
so i can make room for you,

Pixie Lott - Without You

Saying you're not alone (role-playing star girl)

To the next stage from the one, evolving dimension,
Getting how to deal with it, our bonds sympathize

Surely, since we're together

nao - Carve It Out! Roleplay Star☆Girl

Maybe I'm from Venus
You're from mars
My imperfections are what they are
I guess one of us must deal, with it


Selena Gomez - Perfectly

Until I'm standing before the judge someday
It's alright, it's okay (it's alright)
And this street life, it hurts
I deal with it, but it's bad, what I see here every day
I'm doing fine, I don't want to complain, it's okay
It's alright, it's alright (it's alright)

Fler - Never Believed In Me

Even though with you,
I only got great sorrow,
I can deal with it
What I am feeling,
I will not show to others

Topi Sorsakoski - Hidden sorrow

And you know you woulda took the bullet if you saw it
But oyu felt it and still feel it
And money can’t make up for it or conceal it
But you deal with it and you keep ballin’
Pour out some liquor, play ball and we keep ballin’
Baby we’ve been living in sin ’cause we’ve been really in love

Diddy Dirty Money - Coming Home 2

Once he knew his freedom was at stake

It's the same old shit
So it's how you deal with it
It's the glove that fits that you wear

Bright Eyes - Stray Dog Freedom

Think how to deal with it is too late

It's useless that the connection between 2 hearts

A-Mei - A bloody love story

Ain't much I can do but I do what I can
But I'm not a fool theres no need to pretend
Just because you got yourself in some shit
It doesn't mean I have to come deal with it
You handle your own when you become a man
And become a man when you handle your own

Yelawolf - till its gone

Everyone of us
Underwent a lot of pangs
What makes the difference is
How you deal with it
Do you conceal the setbacks?
Can you dissociate?

Necrotted - Doombringer

It's enough to drown me under a column
You're vulnerable in the scary darkness
But I'm not allowed to help
You have to deal with it yourself
It's a visit with no advance notice

Lycaon - Cordyceps sinensis

So long I've been trying to match, it doesn't work
I'm trying, I don't know
The aberration of this world I tried to deal with
It killed a part of me that was raging
The pain is gone, the denial
I run away from institutions

Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage

There's so many ways to handle it.
Can we try to find love and peace in our head
I think that we can deal with it.
If we all get lost in the music we make.

Coco Lee - Music As We Make It

I don't mind what I will do, how I will live, where I will arrive
There will come the day when I get over you
Leave and don't deal with it
Live now your life
You are to blame finally and don't pretend.

Aggeliki foskolou - Don't pretend

Its always can't with this
Its always can't say that
If you can`t deal with it (so sad)
I don't give a damn
I know who I am

Maria Haukaas Storeng - Don't Give A Damn

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Birds fly great
Trap in the bottle twice
Deal with it
One more time before this bout to get heavy
Numb, so paranoid, ho

Rihanna - Lost Files

Sorry. I know I seem angry.
I’m not, I…I promise. I just know I did this to me.
And I will deal with it accordingly.

And I don’t need opinions from those never a part of it.

La Dispute - A Letter

If you love me once
I would overflow from your heart
I can not come close to you , I can't laugh , I can't see
It's hard to deal with it.
I can't forget and leave
I can't go , I can't remove , I can't destroy

Ege - From Darkness To Light

but I know that I'm the best one</em>

You, discotheque and smoke
deal with it
I'll be your fatal therapy

Lana Broz - The best one

Especially when two people love each other and look good together, it all looks so easy
So how is it then that every time it ends in tears ?
I can't deal with dramas anymore
I can't deal with all these torturers anymore
And all these victims
People contradict themselves all day long

La Femme - So where is the world going ?

Verse 1: Romeo Santos
You, you, you, you're crazy
And I can't deal with it anymore
I think that I, I, I was patient
You should be sent to a mental institution

Romeo Santos - A Flight To..

Oh how hard it will be to be separated from you

Don't cry mother, I leave with him
Don't cry mother, deal with it
Don't cry mother, you, my only one
Because love, love is my destiny.

Marina Tomašević - Don't cry, mother

Believe the angel on your shoulder when she comes
Cause your devil's so familiar, and mine will leave you flustered like...
You count your tears like experience
And me? Just another sunken dream trying to deal with it
Calmly, reacting to every situation since you called me
Head dug into my palms thinking she don't honestly want this

Grieves - Scar Gardens

Your compassionate stares - I am not waiting for an injury compensation.
The girl, that seemed so special - left without saying goodbye,
she slammed the door, and deal with it - she thrown the key into the letter box.
I am breaking the mirrors, I don't want to see my face any more.

Kabát - Game over

I've been a loser all my life, I'm not about to change
If you don't like, there's the door, nobody made you stay
There ain't a woman on the planet who can deal with it
Just how I wanted it, I'm hating all of this

Nickelback - Woke Up This Morning

If I ain't know you then, well I feel like I know you now
I know you had a little doubt, but to hop off stage and find out
You done walked out, and you not taking nobody calls
You don't wanna deal with it
But I'm looking at these fans like damn there's a lot of y'all
You got me tripping with the bodyguard

Hopsin - Fort Collins

He didn't mean to make you sad - He didn't know what you carry on your back
All the stones you've painted
With the colours of your sorrow - The black in your story
Will never fade - You'd better deal with it
Don't walk away
It's a hard life to be a tough girl

Crucified Barbara - Jennyfer

All of a sudden, with my falling tears
All of a sudden, I comfort myself, saying it’s okay
I know that you won’t come now
So I’ll deal with it on my own


F(x) - All Of A Sudden

If it was the promises that they didn't keep
The words the dreams that they took away from you
And now I have to deal with it
And that you can't trust me
Like I can you

Carlitos Rossy - Who said friends

I'm moving on, I'm getting paid
I'm on my own, I had some space to deal with it
I'm moving on, it's getting late
Go and grab someone and find a place to deal with it


Halsey - Don't Play

We take no shit
We stay tight
We stick together
And deal with it
We use our heads and not our fists
Unless we're pushed

Underdog - Back To Back

But missing, missing, miss you,
I think I got used to miss you...

Simple as that, I can”t deal with it
to stay without you
But when you left, you know, you convict me

Antonia - Miss you

Is well worth all the smacks

One more bit of mischief won't make any difference
Let's do it and deal with it afterwards
You'll see that ringing doorbells
And running away before they answer

Renan Luce - One more bit of mischief won't make any difference

I knew you were going to change me from the very first moment. Only you, you're here and you've turned your words into actions

Just between us, sanity doesn't exist
Deal with it, you will live with me in madness
As of today, the words "you" and "I" are over
Let me show you how "two" become "one"

Xristos Andrianos - Only You

It's an easy desicion
To live apart from each other
But how can the two of us
Deal with it later?
What will happen,
Tell me what will happen

Antonis Remos - Pour egoism, sky

(it's so great you came)
We put our problems aside
(problems aside)
We'll deal with it in the morning
(Tonight we'll rest)

Shaka Loveless - To Night We're Loaded

Deal with it (oh) I ain't telling you no lies
Girl, Deal with it (oh)
Tell me why you roll your eyes
Just, deal with it (oh)
'cause you know, ain't nobody but you (oh)
You should know, ain't nobody but you

Corbin Bleu - Deal With It

Regret it

You started playing games
So now you gotta deal with it
And oh it's such a shame
That we couldn't be real 'bout it

Darin - Karma

Now I have a lot of things to do
but I want to play all night long
now everything is my responsibility
but still I let my parents deal with it

I will play without regrets

Winner - Immature

Take my hand now,
I'm not sure I can deal with it.
Take my hand now,
I'm not sure I can deal with it.
Take my hand now…

Émilie Simon - Rainbow

I've been this sick for years and you're alive to witness it
Uh, I puts it down like somebody caught me stealing it
I'm looking for a mil to get, crazy but I'm still legit
You can't avoid me now, I'm everywhere, you gotta deal with it

Hopsin - BET Backroom Performance

Yeah, and I hope the picture painted clear
If your heart fill with faith then you can't fear
Wonder how I face years and I'm still chillin'
Easy, let go and let God deal with it

I ain't dead (nah), I ain't done (nah)

T.I. - No Matter What

Come for a while and dοn't be stubborn
and stop coming to wrong conclusions about us
our case is not close
deal with it !

Immediately in order to get together

Thanos Petrelis - Honestly

The moment we break up it all goes to rack and ruin
All those promises, memories they become meaningless
The place where we break up falls into pieces
You can't deal with it what's done is done

Rafet El Roman - I Can't Say "Don't" To The One Who Leaves

Look at the time that we live in our lives
No emotions, I see them concealing it
Instead of dealing with problems
They hand you a drink like "forget it, you don't gotta deal with it"
That's the world that we live in, I'm sick of it
Want no part of the world that I'm living in

Ivan B - Need you still

Put on some diapers, here’s a test, two times two equals punishment (this is a pun,” punishment” means “Ceza” in Turkish)
Your intellectual savings won’t even fill a cup, have you learned something brat?
Rap is a movement, it’s political
Either deal with it or fuck off
There is a hit-list on the wall, most of y'all are misfit
I decide over the ranks, go ahead and “hit this”

Ceza - Silenced (this is a pun on the combination of the Turkish words for “be quiet” and “mist”)

and I need to be a bit tougher with my heart.
But in the end I'm not losing anything.
What about you. no gloating,
just show me how are you gonna deal with it.

Samira Said - Wow, really!

But I cry inside
Feels like angels falling from the sky
Gotta grin and bear it
Learn to deal with it
‘Cause time will pass anyway
And time erases the pain

Sonny Court - Wait

Now if you looking for them bottles and them stacks girl
You make your way up to my section where it's at girl
Okay do you wanna kick it with a nigga with a meal ticket
Broke nigga looking mad, they just gotta deal with it
Get right hoe, roll a dice hoe
And oyu ain't gotta be a dyke cause you like hoe

T.I. - Ball

At the top, if I talk to you, I know that I'll take you to the top
Tired of searching, you're asking non-stop "where are you?"
For you, I was the best event, event, event
Deal with it, but you realised that you can't (deal with it) and you're apologising
I know that in your head I'm your only worry
I won't get in your car anymore no matter how many times you stop it, stop it, stop it

Mozzik - Promises

Is something simple boring?
Then, make it more crazy

"Ah, how should I deal with it?" "What happened to it? ♪"
"It's a big trouble!! "
"Time seems..." "To have stopped..."

HitoshizukuP - Crazy ∞ nighT

Gettin' it, lyricist, idiots, you ain't nearin' this
Out of New York's biggest and richest
I'm the template, low-key the busiest
The game chose me, deal with it
So I'm the quiet type, Mr. One Mic
But silent listen, use the same letters to spell it right, so hear me

DJ Khaled - It's Secured

‘Pon di rivah, pon di beat
‘Pon di conna, pon di street
Persian bad man, deal with it
Persian bad man, deal with it

Every night ‘still see my fire, chasing you

LLP - Persia

Baby I cried, baby I tried yeah

(But you don't) even care about what we had
(And I won't) deal with it, be your puching bag
(So don't) compare me to what I think is trash
So I'ma take out the trash

LeToya Luckett - She Ain't Got

She taught the way of getting in her glory,
Is to be so snappy and bad.
We used to have fun, but I'm done with it.
She calls me every night but I don't deal with it.
Run away from her, that is keep me fit.
But this time I see she has no limit.

Irie Maffia - Fever In Her Eyes

Surely he's going after her, but with other intentions
He's homeless, aimless and you're the only option
And now do you think you can handle it by yourself?
If you knew everything, deal with it, it's not my fault

Your prize of 'worthless', I'm giving it to you

Marília Mendonça - Unfaithful

I let it rain (Imma let it rain, yeah)
Let the sun shines down on me
I let it rain
Because you gotta deal with it anyway
I let it rain (I let it rain)
What it will be it will be

Ariana Grande - Let It Rain

Every day yeah
어제와 똑같은 오늘 하루
눈에 그려지는 내일의 나도 이젠
I can’t deal with it yeah

지긋지긋한 알람 소리가 들리는

Twice - 24/7

She came to me yesterday evening
With those sky-blue eyes of hers
She wasn't talking, she was praying
When she told how she would deal with it [fn]An ambiguity rises: I choose to translate <em>lui</em> into 'it' and not 'him', even if in Italian a reference to a male person would sound more natural than to a thing just grammatically masculine (il cuore, the heart). Still I'm convinced that Maria is talking about how to deal with her heart, that is to say she plans on taking her life (note that her heart is described as red). I find it less convincing to infer that she would be talking about <em>him</em>, the man who dismissed her [/fn] .

I'm bringing you Maria's red heart

Amália Rodrigues - Maria's red heart

Only right that you die right here
Kissed it like, girl my lips black magic
Wish to break just to take you there
Deal with it and let that for go on
Killing the club, girl, I'll take your clothes off
All eyes on you just show up

Mia Martina - In your Arms (feat, Breyan Isaac)

Or enough rope to deal with it
They'll give us something
They'll give us so much to forget
Or enough rope to deal with it

With pencil and light

Twin Shadow - Forget

Some people call you names and hurt you
They shouldn't be allowed to say anything mean
Mean words try to get underneath your skin and you wish you were bulletproof
It seems to me that you have to deal with it all alone
That nobody else cares
They won't be able to take you underneath the surface with them

Robin - I promise to come and save you

I wanted to be so happy with you.
But this isn't love.
Sin and confess, dear.
And deal with it, it's all the worse day by day.
I always forgave you, but now.
I am no longer yours

Ani Lorak - Sin and Confess

And went about cleaning the house
But Trijn said: "What are you doing to me,
These are not a man's business
So just let me deal with it properlygerecht
The way I like to do it."

Laïs - The Salt Tub

Anna, you are everything to me
No, dammit not you
Anna, you can just leave like that
No, I won't be able to deal with it
One more step and I'll perish forever
One more sigh and you'll live forever

Xander de Buisonjé - Anna

Calamity, stay in my pocket, I hid my gun
When I hit a snag and when the saloon is open
See, I’m the boss, you just have to deal with it
You think you’re the best? Try to look at me funny

Superbus - The Lighter

Ya know Elvis, I have to tell,
Sorry, but right here they take apart us with
a lot of comment
If you don't like it then don't deal with it
they feel better, they know better,
more than with wit

ByeAlex (és a Slepp) - Elvis(Z)

You say others block your luck,
but none other than you keeps you back.
You have to deal with it, [you won't live].
You stop if you do not leave.
Take the stones out of the way!

Julia Engelmann - It won't be greener

In the way that i live, i'm not allowed to be messing up

Did you sing to ascend?
Now deal with it
Just a convicted black guy rhyming
I'm arriving to bring value, once again i'm on air

509-E - High Voltage

Let me lay it on the line
I got a little freakiness inside
And you know that the man
Has got to deal with it
I don't care what they say
I'm not about to pay nobody's way

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me

But it'll only be today
Anna: It'll only be for one day
Elsa: But I'll have to deal with it
Anna: I'll deal with it
Elsa: Tell the guards to open the gate
Anna: It's opening

Disney Fandubs - For The First Time

I got a vacant spot right here next to me
The nature of your vibe girl
I feel that you could fill it
But its up to you, ma, if you wanna deal with it
Adored you the first day that i saw you
Quality material so many guys on you

Basic Vocab - Come Get With It

You, who said I wouldn't be able to do it
My dear, I talk less and show more
It's not my fault if you don't know how to deal with it
The shooting is intense, my love
Get your vest, I'm coming through

Jade Baraldo - Coming Through

Back at home, politicians sit
Over lunch discussing this
In the desert the fuse is lit,
I'm the one who has to deal with it

He's got a gun, bullets meant for me

Hard-Fi - Middle Eastern Holiday

Everything I touch turns into gold,
If you says I act like a 5 year-old,
It's ridiculous! You're disgusting!
Well, you started it, now deal with it!
Lier, lier pants on fire, go back to Kenya,
cause you can't run a country, can ya?

Klemen Slakonja - Golden Dump (The Trump Hump)

And if he's also a certified technician
You are blessed
Duck, Beetle, Amazon
And Kadett – he can deal with it
Daimler, Lada, Golf, VW minibus
Speed away like never before

Rummelsnuff - The Grease Monkey

I gotta let you know
All the words......

I don't wanna I don't wanna leave you
But I'm falling down

Mozhdah Jamalzadah - Words

Every day yeah
Today is the same as yesterday
I can see myself tomorrow
I can’t deal with it yeah

So sick of my alarm

Twice - 24/7

even in hell.
Whenever you go, I will come along.

Deal with it, I'll be with you
even in hell,
like a shadow following you.

Giorgos Mais - Deal With It

Our social crime

Those who feel the loss are many
Those who deal with it are few
My destiny is of the few
In a world of so very many

Ww Ww - Obliged To Man