Debes saber (Il faut savoir) (English translation)

  • Artist: Charles Aznavour (Շառլ Ազնավուր)
  • Song: Debes saber (Il faut savoir)
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You Should Know

You should know, to stop smiling
If joy went away
Only the sorrow is left for you
And the days of unhappiness
You should know, that in this angst
The dignity must be saved
Even though the pain frightens you
You should walk away and not turn back
Beg the destiny that abandoned you
Don't make me suffer for pity
You should know how to fake the crying
And to sink it in your heart
You should know, to grasp time
When love retired
To walk away with indifference
Even though you suffer in silence
You should know, to suffocate the sorrow
And disguise the big pain
And have the hate I conceal back
If you live in a hell
You should know, to stay frozen
If the resentment burns the passion
You should know how to keep the crying
And how much I love it, that now I can no more
You should know that I
I don't know it
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Debes saber (Il faut savoir)

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