Almafuerte - Debes saberlo (English translation)

English translation

You gotta know it

I'm left with nothing
of saying so much to you
I'm just one more
who with you resists until today.
Abandoned of all inspiration
I'm lost, I'm undone,
without being able to dodge the other pains,
without ever believing I was
all I am for you.
"It's just a bad day"
repeats my love
I stand out the vice
looking for the intuition,
everything is emptiness
of babbly jubilations
everything is violence
everything aims to the chaos.
If there's no love you better get down
If there's no love there will never be dreams
If there's no love you die early
If there's no love you lose forever.
You gotta know it
If there's no love you lose forever
If there's no love there is no reason.
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Debes saberlo

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