Défense d'afficher (English translation)

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No Bills Posted Here

Seven at night
Losing the light
Now it’s half past
It’s almost dark
Waiting for you in shades of grey
I seem to hear what these walls say
No bills posted here
Rough carvings made
By someone’s blade
X has no guts
Death to the cops
To him and me
Half an hour late
Well I won’t be
Here till midnight
What insults call
From this grey wall?
Hatreds how strong?
Pain for how long?
Just staring into space
Won’t bring a change of place
Banners of laundry are all I see
So many white flags for what must be
No bills posted here (x2)
I guess I’ll have
To face the facts
Now eight at night
Losing the light
Now it’s half past
It’s almost dark
With no more sun, the time is here
When passers-by disappear
No bills posted here (x2)
Scrawls of the mad
Or of the bad
Will you keep
This date we had?
The daylight fails
You haven’t come
My soul feels numb
And my heart quails
Learn to waltz
In just five days
Jules loves Nicole
In capitals
A, B, C, D, E
F, G, H, S.H.I.T.
On the wall I’ve rubbed out the heart
I drew at the evening’s start
No bills posted here (x3)
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Défense d'afficher

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