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Déjà Vu

I feel the time, so empty
I can't go back
Into the darkness of the path
The abyss already waits for me
The elixir of dreams
I drank it whole
It fades your fears
You'll never suffer again
The cruel suspense of the nights
It went away together with you
And in the desert of my tears
There's an Eden
In the depths of the seas
I'll keep your love
And in this life
We met each other again
I know that at some point, your eyes
Looked at me like they're doing today
I know that one time the uncertainty of destiny
...drowned us
Each sleepless night
Your skin was my accomplice
And the echo of my heart
Will call you again

всё что ни делается - всё к лучшему

you can't spell "american dream" without eric andre in the middle

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Deja Vu

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