Demain tu te maries (English translation)

  • Artist: Patricia Carli (Rosetta Ardito)
  • Song: Demain tu te maries 3 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Russian
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Tomorrow you are getting married

Versions: #1#2
Stop ,stop don't touch me
I beg you, have pity on me
I can't stand it anymore
To share you with another
Besides, you're getting married tomorrow
She has money, she is pretty
She has all the qualities
My big mistake is to love you
Stop, stop do not touch me
I beg you, have pity on me
As soon as your hands are on me
I am ready to submit to you
But you preferred the big honors
Instead of our happiness
And, to keep your ambitions
You destroyed my illusions
I know, i know you still love me
Pride for you is the hardest
He lived the great love
To guarantee your old days
We must, we must leave without remorse
You are the master of your type
Let me, let me congratulate you
Tomorrow, tomorrow you are getting married
With her you will have the comfort
With me you played with my body
With her you will draw attention to yourself
With me you got drunk
Tonight, tonight is the last time
That i talk to you, that i see you
Since, since she will have your name
Tonight, tonight i tell you no
No! No!
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Demain tu te maries

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