Ghali - Dende (English translation)

English translation


(verse 1)
My bros are out of their minds, like umbrellas in the lobby 2
I drown in my drink like Leonardo DiCaprio3
Red Passport4 valid for expatriation
Bent palm trees cover my head on a BMW
I'm floating in the air oh-la-la
There's only a Goku, you're Mr. Satan5
Your entourage bro6is in Ramadan
Get lost, Abracadabra Alakazam7
The industry is a meat grinder, I'm halal (salam alykom)
My flow is burning, I choose Charliezard8
You ask me where do I come from? Baggio boulevard9
Karma is the only chick that comes back like a boomerang
I'm in my bubble, I'm in my bubble
My hand is Jimmy10, no they're not horns
I'm teaching you to do it, spit that gum
C'mon, show a little respect.
Can't you see that I'm green?
I'm smoking Namek, I'm sorry Dende11
The team is on the attack, but nobody's defending here
Don't tell me your going, stay, or it goes down12
(verse 2)
I come out like Billie Jean!13
You tell me, Billie what?!14
Minimal trifles
I only see mini me
Fuck your baby gang
Eyeglasses over my Babybels15
Blah blah blah shhh can't you see that...
Ghali Bomaye16
I take it out on everybody
I take it out on that dude
I take it out on whoever the fuck I want
Tell me who are you to judge, bro
Fuck you and your relatives
C'mon give it up
I debone these rappers
I wax as many records as I can
If I drop dead or something happens, I'm all good
Like after the ringing "Bro I'm ready"17
He moves his finger, Genny is not dead18
Venetian19 I'm looking at you, out of the corner of my eye
Don't smoke alone, leave me a bite
Kunta Kinte, I run without legs20
Behind the scenes with red eyes
When we come it's a mess
La plata or plomo21, bro, excuse me, can I?
La plata or plomo, bro, excuse me, can I?
Brother all right? I see you reddish
I'm not wasted, I'm only blurry
(Let's redo it)
Can't you see that I'm green?
I'm smoking Namek, I'm sorry Dende
The team is on the attack, but nobody's defending here
Don't tell me your going, stay, or it goes down
Can't you see that I'm stoned?
Like a crocodile with the krokodil
Who's the best? Admit it, you'll beat me
The day you'll see Salvini at my lives22
  • 1. Name of his clothing brand. STO is an ad-lib invented by Ghali and often used in his texts, expressed by a gesture with his hand, that over time became used by his fans as well.
  • 2. To say that his friends are out of their minds (that they're crazy) the singer uses the simile of umbrellas in the lobby, which are outside a house.
  • 3. a) He could be referring to the famous scene in "Titanic".
    b) He could be referring to DiCaprio himself in one of his jet-set party.
    c) He could be referring to the movie "The Great Gatsby"
    by Baz Luhrmann, whose main character is Dicaprio.
  • 4. Italian passport
  • 5. Goku is the main character of the manga and anime Dragon Ball, known for its strength and used here as a benchmark to indicate his ability to rap. Mr. Satan is another character in Dragon Ball, known for not being at the level of the other fighters hence used in this case to indicate a lack of skills in rapping.
  • 6. He's talking to his "imaginary enemy"
  • 7. Abra is a Pokémon that evolves into Kadabra, which evolves in turn into Alakazam. Said Pokémon is famous for having the power to disappear via teleport.
  • 8. Ghali makes a pun on the name of a Pokémon, Charizard, and the name of his producer, Charlie Charles.
  • 9. Place in Milan where he comes from
  • 10. As explained in an interview to Tunisia TV, Jimmy was Ghali's imaginary friend
  • 11. The green skin of Ghali is a reference to marijuana, as well as Dende's skin, a character of Dragon Ball. Dende is from the planet Namek, whose sky is characterized by a particular green color.
  • 12. Possible sexual innuendo
  • 13. He's comparing his success to Micheal Jackson's
  • 14. People who don't know his songs are ignorant
  • 15. Lmao this one's funny. Babybels are small, round shaped, red, italian cheese. He basically means "Eyeglasses over my red eyes"
  • 16. Play on words between his name and the exclamation linked to Muhammad Ali, "Ali bomaye"
  • 17. In italian, "pronto" means both "ready" and "hello?"
  • 18. Reference to the italian TV series "Gomorra"
  • 19. The term "Venetian" is used to define those people who play football and don't pass the ball to others (in this case he's referring to sharing a joint)
  • 20. Kunta Kinte is the protagonist of the novel "Roots" by Alex Haley. The meaning of the verse should be reconnected to the slave's story, whose right foot is cut after he tried to flee.
  • 21. Famous quote by Pablo Escabar, protagonist of the homonymous TV series
  • 22. (never) Matteo Salvini is a politician considered by many a racist and bigot
«Man is nothing but a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed» B. Pascal
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