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Derbeder (English translation)

  • Artist: Soner Arıca
  • Song: Derbeder
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I don't know how all happened.
Without knowing the cause
My untroubled life got into love
Like it was looking for some trouble
Call it destiny
It's meant to love you
You charmed and enclosed me
Why did you do this?
(You were saying)
There wasn't such love
You were so lucky
I was the only truth to you
Even all the beings die, I was to live
I'm dying day by day
My rose withered, my heart withered
The child inside me withered
Why aren't you beside me?
I'm desperate, torn into pieces
I'm angry with you, feeling resentful
When you left, I've became depressed
I've hit the roads
Where are your oaths?
These absences were to end
You are the cause of my state
I've became a lowlife.
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