Kyo - Dernière Danse (English translation)

English translation

The Last Dance

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I've been traveling for a long time her body
Touching her face a hundred times
I have found gold
And even some stars while wiping away her tears
And I've learned by heart the purity of her curves
Sometimes I still draw them
She is a part of me
I want just a last dance
Before the obscurity and indifference
Some dizziness and then... silence
I want just a last dance
My heart got too close to her too quickly, but it's not my fault
The arrow has pierced my skin
This pain is doing more harm than good
But I already know what's going to happen, it's too late
In her face, she's now ready to leave for good
I could die tomorrow and that wouldn't change anything
I've received from her hands
happiness anchored in my soul
It is too much for one man
And I saw her leave without saying anything
What's important is her breaths
Thank you for having enchanted my life
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This is not a literal word for word translation.


Dernière Danse