Francis Cabrel - Des gens formidables (English translation)

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Great people

We could be great people 1
Perfect beings
Charming and generous singers
Humble and discreet
Against all the injustices
And all the battles
But we are usually selfish
And it’s everyone for themself
We could make eternal songs
And in a few couplets
We would make the world more beautiful
Mankind less bad
That would make us into rare beings
And like immortals
But we make little songs that fade
And we fade with them
And we fade with them
We fade with them
We could make songs that are
Useful to society
To denounce its downward spiral
And the absurdities
Like shooting at a singing bird
Emptying a cartridge right into its heart
But we make timid little songs
And we look away
We could talk of essential things
And of things of great beauty
As we would be born with wings
It would not be complicated
We’d have words that strike and pierce through
The traitors and the liars
But we make little songs for profit
And we tremble with fear
We tremble with fear
And we tremble with fear
We could be huge artists
Seen as a ray of hope
For humanity
It would just take us appearing
To make everyone happy
But in fact, the people love us
And then leave us
And it is no doubt for the best
  • 1. This whole song uses the conditional tense throughout - We would be/we would make etc. However, it seems to me the meaning here is more expressing a possible and desirable future so I have used "could be" to start each verse as that works rather better in English.
Submitted by Gavin on Thu, 24/08/2017 - 16:04

Des gens formidables

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