Des ronds dans l'eau (English translation)

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Ripples in water

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You started out your life
Near a little brook
You lived with all these noises
Running through the reeds
Coming up from the pathways
That go through the hedges,
The windmill's wings,
And the noon bells
Accentuating with a smile
The song of a bird,
You really enjoyed
Making ripples in water
Today you buffet
In heavier waters
You strive and you manage to float
But where has the love gone ?
Ambition has laws
Ambition is an addiction
You would like your voice
To be heard above all
You'd like to be loved
As a hero would be
But a hero that still could
Make ripples in water
If you get all these witnesses
That you wish for to back you
Remember that they could,
As they see your ripples in water,
Think you are an idiot
The idiot of your village
Who stayed there forever
Just to make ripples in water
To make ripples in water.
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Des ronds dans l'eau

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