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Since I lost you

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Things weren't going well, everything was wrong,
my life was a tunnel with no exit, but
Since I lost you, girls are falling in love with me
some of them want to convince me
that I can be happy with them
Since I lost you,
doors have open widely
even the Alcalá door opened for me
and I'm taking advantage of every opportunity
Since I lost you, I've never had so much freedom
since I lost you, I don't care about anything
Since I lost you, life is good
I have a job and I've settled
and I've even climbed the social ladder
*Going from reunion to reunion
sometimes princesses smile at me,
they call me the Hugh Hefner Aragonés
I'm pretty sure they don't know who that is
Since I lost you, I do whatever pleases me
Since I lost you, I don't want to do nothing at all
Since I lost you, once we've had some drinks at someplace
you're telling me, it's not the same without me
that you're also much happier now
since I lost you, since you lost me
since I got lost in myself, since you're gone .
Submitted by rocio_alen on Fri, 27/04/2012 - 23:52
Author's comments:

***** ágape *** es un termino griego, que significa reuniones, en inglés es 'gatherings' 'reunions' 'parties' 'get togethers'

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Desde que te perdí

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