Destan (English translation)

English translation

The Saga

On the road to the highlands, I thought about you
Don't put me in the highlands without my love
The life which was lost at the foot of the mountain
Are you looking for it, my love? Burn until doomsday
In the pit at the river, I wrote a decree
There is no strength left in my knees anymore
I left your blue headscarf as a sign
I was longing (for you) my love, burn until doomsday
The (accrued) snow broke free, I fell into darkness
The blurry river flows over me
It's fate, it simply happened
I was longing, my love, burn until doomsday
Night and day do not exists for me anymore
Beneath the snow, my eyes are in darkness
Would you come with the river, you would find my traces
I was longing, my love, burn until doomsday
Is autumn there yet? The leaf of the hornbeam withered
My tear-shedding eyes filled with blood
I loved her for nine year, but she become the one of another
I was longing, my love, burn until doomsday
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