D'estate non vale (English translation)

English translation

It's not worth it in Summer

De Palma
Ana Mena
(FDP, ahah)
[Stanza 1 Fred De Palma]
She dances only with her friends
But when I pass smiling
I ask her "What do you want to drink"?
While I drink that of what she says
And I drink another Cuba Libre (Cocktail)
I lose connection
I am like a meteorite
On its way to collission
She thinks like Barbie, I have the whole collection
I only just want to discard the agreement
[Chorus: Ana Mena]
If you come searching for me
Just don't in summer as it's not worth it
If I'm not back on my feet, I don't respond to you, don't call back
Don't get angry
It's the wine's fault
It's the sea's fault
It's not worth it in Summer
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D'estate non vale

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