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don't even try
to forget me
during a long time
in your life
I'll live
small details
about us
are too big things
to forget
and all the time (they) will
be present
you will see...
if another hairy man
appear on your street
and if that makes you
miss me
it's your fault...
the loud noise*
of his car
the old bleached pants
or something like that
immediately you will
remember me...
I know another one
must me speaking
in whispers**
words of love
like I did
but I doubt it!
I doubt he has
so much love
and even the mistakes
of my bad Portuguese
and that time you will
remember me...
at night enclosed
in your bedroom's silence
before going to sleep you look for
my portrait
but I'm not the one smilling
in the frame
but you see my smile
and all that will make you
remember me
if someone touches
your body like I did
don't say anything
don't go out telling
my name accidentally
to the wrong person...
thinking that you have love
on this moment
desparate you
try to the end
and even in this moment you will
remember me...
I know those details
will fade in the long run
of the time who turns
all love in almost nothing
but "almost"
is also a detail
a big love
will never die like this
and so
once in a while you will
remeber me...
don't even try
to forget me
during a long time
in your life
I will live
no, don't even try
to forget me...
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