드림 (Dream) (deulim) (English translation)

드림 (Dream)

저 멀리 달아나
내가 널 볼 수 없게
한번도 꿈꾼 적 없어
내 앞에 너란 사람
다치게 하지마
더는 다가오지마
얼어붙어버린 가슴이
너를 안을 수가 없어
꽃비가 내려와
검은 눈물 덮어
붉어진 두 눈에
널 담았어
시간을 되돌려
아름다운 그때
다시 돌아가고 싶은데
거센 바람처럼
스쳐 지나가는
흔한 사랑이라고
난 그렇게 눈 감을래
슬픈 꿈을 꾸듯
깊은 잠에 빠져서
너를 지우고 나면
가슴 시린 눈물만이 남아
같은 하늘 아래
같은 시간 속에
얼마나 울어야
널 잊을까
멈출 수가 없어
숨 쉴 수도 없어
너를 사랑하고 싶은데
거센 바람처럼
스쳐 지나가는
흔한 사랑이라고
난 그렇게 눈 감을래
슬픈 꿈을 꾸듯
깊은 잠에 빠져서
너를 지우고 나면
가슴 시린 눈물만이
내 심장에
오직 한 사람
너를 지우고 나면
가슴 아픈 눈물만이
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Dreams - by BolBBalgon4...
Americanized lyrics by D. Lechner. 2019.
Revenue rights from this version are reserved.
Turn back, and walk away. I told you never come here again.
You walked out on me, years ago, but now, I’m past that pain.
Please don't make me say it again. I know that this is hard on you too.
The love I felt for you many years ago, is now, as cold, as stone.
The rain that falls on me, will wash away the tears,
from all those memories and all those years.
I smile when I look back, and think about those times.
I wish we could go live, those days once again …
The dreams, that we both shared, have all, been blown away.
And all that's left behind, are memories, and bitter pain.
If we, could both go back, and live, those dreams again.
What would we choose to do, what words would we say?
Don't say another word. It broke my heart to ask you to go.
We both know that what's gone, is gone. We've been apart too long.
Please don't make things any worse. You know that this is hard on me too.
The love, that we shared so many years ago, was deep, but now, it's gone.
The dreams that we both shared, have all been swept away.
I wish I could go back, and relive those years, today.
If we could both go back, to those days, oh so way back when,
what would we choose to say, would we do it all again?
We were lovers. Then came others. Now you’re back again.
But all, my tears are gone, washed away, like summer rain!
Once you love me. Then you left me. Please just leave again.
For all that’s left for us, are memories, and bitter pain.
All those days and, times together, when we both were young.
Now, when I look at you, those memories, of all that love, is gone.
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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Author's comments:

Loved this song! I added an extra verse & chorus.
Free covers authorized with attribution - David Lechner. I hope Bal4 will record a version in English, maybe come over here and tour someday!

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