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Das Lied der Deutschen (Deutschlandlied) (English translation)

English translationEnglish

Song of Germany (German National Anthem)

Versions: #1#2#3#4
Germany, Germany over all
Over everything in the world!
When it comes to protecting and defending,
Our unity unites us.1
From the Maas2to the Memel3
From the Etsch4to the Belt,5
Germany, Germany over all
Over everything in the world!
Germany, Germany over all
Over everything in the world!
German wives and fidelity,
German wine and melody
Shall all persevere in the world.
Their fair and ancient tone,
Resounds6in us our noble goal7
Throughout our entire lives.
German women, German trueness
German beer,8and German chorus!
German women, German trueness
German beer,and German chorus!
Unity, justice, and liberty9
For the Fatherland! 10
Let us all strive for that
In brotherhood with heart and hand! 11
Unity, justice, and liberty
Are the foundation for happiness; 12
Bloom in the radiance of this happiness,
Flourish, 'O Fatherland!
Bloom in the radiance of this happiness,
Flourish, 'O Fatherland!
  • 1. in an attempt to keep things neuter, I have substituted the literal "brotherly bond/cohesion"
  • 2. alt. Meuse; In a then–disunited Germany with the river as its western boundary, King William I of the Netherlands had joined the German Confederation with his Duchy of Limburg in 1839. Though the duchy's territory officially became an integral part of the Netherlands by the 1867 Treaty of London, the text passage remained unchanged when the Deutschlandlied was declared the national anthem of the Weimar Republic in 1922. -courtesy of (edited for clarity by SilentRebel83)
  • 3. alt. Neman; Located in present-day Lithuania. In German, however, the river has been called die Memel at least since about 1250, when Teutonic Knights erected Memelburg castle and the town of Memel at the mouth of the Curonian Lagoon, baptizing it after the indigenous name of the river, Memel. -courtesy of (edited for clarity by SilentRebel83)
  • 4. alt. Adige; The Adige was mentioned in the "Lied der Deutschen" of 1841 as the southern border of the German language-area of the time. -courtesy of
  • 5. alt. Little Belt; The Belt is the name of a river mentioned in the German national anthem to define the northern limit of territories advocated in the song as a unified Germany. -courtesy of (edited for clarity by SilentRebel83)
  • 6. lit. to excite
  • 7. lit. duty, deed
  • 8. lit. wine, though I used beer because it seemed like the appropriate icon in this setting (i.e. Oktoberfest)
  • 9. alt: Unity, law and freedom
  • 10. alt for Vaterland: motherland or homeland
  • 11. alt for bruederlich: fraternally or fellowship
  • 12. Unterpfand=pledge
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Submitted by SilentRebel83SilentRebel83 on Thu, 01/11/2012 - 23:25
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Author's comments:

A free translation. Refer to the footnotes for additional info. Added the first 2 stanzas on 06/01/13.

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Das Lied der Deutschen (Deutschlandlied)

SilentRebel83SilentRebel83    Mon, 19/11/2012 - 03:53

1. agreed. Fatherland was just a personal preference -- not that I'm a sexist in any way. Plus, it seemed to fit the scene, so to speak. But now that you've mentioned it, I'll probably use 'fellowship' instead of 'fraternally' or 'brother/sisterhood'.
2. I initially intended to include the 'German' part, but I wanted to keep it simple. I mean, this is _the_ German National Anthem, and it would be a little over the top, imo. lol.
3. During my search for this particular word, I came across a few meanings: security (as in a collateral), guarantee, and of course, pledge. The word I base my translation off of is 'key' as in 'the key/way/foundation/principal/source of happiness is unity, law and freedom'. Here are a couple references: Unterpfand1 and Unterpfand2. You're right, however, 'cause according to my favorite online German dictionary, 'unterpfand' does mean 'a/the pledge'.
4. Thanks. (=

I'll place your suggestions into the footnotes. Thank you for your invaluable help, Berliner!

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Sat, 01/06/2013 - 20:55

So, are you ever planning on uploading the one with all the verses in it?

SilentRebel83SilentRebel83    Sat, 01/06/2013 - 21:24

When I first uploaded the anthem, I just had the official version in mind. But I can certainly add in the other verses, too! :bigsmile:

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Sun, 02/06/2013 - 01:59

Very nice and extensive work!

The only thing I, personally, didn't like is the "#1" part. It kind of takes down from the "seriousness" of the text. Instead of the intended "fierceful" vibe you should get out of it - it makes it sound like some cheerleaders' cheer.

ScieraSciera    Sun, 15/12/2019 - 18:36

Due to being merged with a duplicate, the formatting of the source lyrics has changed. You may want to update your translation accordingly.

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