Dias de luta, dias de glória (English translation)

English translation

Days of Struggle, days of Glory

I'm proud to sing my life
In my life, anything is possible
The more we go through hell, the more we grow
I'm happy today because I dreamed of you last night
And who knows, in the future, I'll be crying not having you around
But your smile is worth more than any diamond
If you agree to come with me, then we'll move on together
Holding the head up high, keeping faith in the Lord
The happiest day of your life will be the happiest day of my life too
Life has taught me to never give up
Neither to win, nor to lose, but to look forward inner evolution
They can take out everything I own
But they can't erase the good things I did
To those dear to me
And I am a happy person and I sing, my universe is like a song and
Here I'm going, at full blast
Stories, our stories
Days of struggle, days of glory
Oh my baby girl, inspiration of my dreams
If it was up to me, I would be with you every days
I saw you in my dreams long before I met you
I've been looking for someone like you my whole life
That's why I'm proud to sing my life
With melody and joy, making lots of noise
I'm a happy man and I travel the world
My life is a rush but I have lazy moments too
Today I place greater importance on my health
On my freedom
It's good to meet you here in this city
This intense glow reminds me of you
Stories, our stories
Days of struggle, days of glory
Today I'm feeling happy, started off the day on the right foot
And I'm gonna do it again and do it right
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Dias de luta, dias de glória

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