Didou Nana (English translation)

Didou Nana

Oropa aržo arti varen
Çkim iveri nç̌ari ç̌ǩvaşa
Miordini miçkutu do
Goitiruǩu ma si ç̌ǩvaşa
Miordini miçkutu do
Didou do na ni na
Huriadas ç̌iman dğasu
Sǩani mamulias maǩibǩinam
Ǩanǩaleşa gamǩomile
Vaşilebu taşi rina
Ǩanǩaleşa gamǩomile
Didou do na ni na
Seri don dğaşi arti map̌u
Sǩani şaras ginocinepu
Sǩani dudi mižamiğuru
Şǩvaǩ ǩargi moǩilep̌u
Sǩani dudi mižamiğuru
Didou do na ni na
Ah oropa sin ncgin dğaşi
Guri muç̌o domixaşi
Seri iri şeni seriren do
Ǩuǩumela naǩun dğaşi
Seri iri şeni seriren do
Didou do na ni na
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Didou Nana

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Not every relationship is "the one"
My fate was written for someone else
I'm aware you're in love with me but
You've got me mixed with someone else
It's the morning and I'm shivering,
in your farm
Without a care in the world
What you're doing just isn't possible
What would I do without you
I've been sleepless thinking of you
I've pieced everything together
You ended your life because
I was in love with other people
Oh how you managed to
Cheer me up on my bad days
Whether it was day or night
I've been unable to sleep for days
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