Soldaten (Die Mahnung an der Wand) (English translation)

English translation

Soldiers (The Writing on the Wall)

Every country has its sons make a pledge to the field of honor
With a gun and a helmet and a proud uniform.
And in the vocabulary of a soldier the loud-spoken "No" is missing,
Because that word is not in line with the combative norm.
One died for Adolf Hitler and the German Fatherland,
And America had them dying in Vietnam.
The one who suspired Stalin's name remains unknown until today.
They all died for some program.
One fought in the name of Christ, one is fighting for Muhammad
And slogans are substituting brains.
One is killing for ideas he doesn't even understand.
Is he blind? Doesn't he see the writing on the wall?
At the monument for the heroes no dead man has ever cried,
A fallen soldier doesn't know a victory.
Be they black, yellow, red or white, one thing united them:
Each one of them died for their rulers in war.
A soldier is also a father, somebody's son and somebody's husband,
Loves his mother, loves his wife and loves his kid.
It is madness, that a lover can also kill people,
Who are lovers just like him.
If soldiers would fraternize with a thousandfold "No"
And they'd reach out to each other over the trenches,
Then life on earth could finally become humane,
And the writing on the wall would not be needed anymore.
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Soldaten (Die Mahnung an der Wand)

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