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    Die wilde Jagd

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The Wild Hunt

A girl comes from the valley to the village
So lovely and fair
The black miller1 sees her
And wants to be her beloved 2
Go away, you dark miller you,
And let me be in peace,
The wreath that I've held for so long
I don't want to share it with you
Run, love3, run
And watch out for yourself well
The master of the black mill
Wants you for his wife tonight (2x)
She then became a swallow
She flew away from him into the sky
But the miller flew as a falcon
Right behind her
She became a steed so white,
And leaped through the first grass 4
But he became the saddle that
sat firmly on her back
Run, love, run
And watch out for yourself well
The master of the black mill
Wants you for his wife tonight (2x)
She became a white hare
And ran half the night
But the miller became a fox
And pursued her close behind
She became ship on the high sea
And sailed far away from land
But he became the helmsman
Who stood firmly at the rudder
Run, love, run
And watch out for yourself well
The master of the black mill
Wants you for his wife tonight (2x)
So went this cursed hunt
And to be sure for the whole night
So that the miller full of lust
Overlooked the coming of morning.
The girl turned into the morning light
That was shining through the valley
The black miller found an end 5
And was never seen again.
Run, love, run
Back home in the light of morning
You'll see the miller nevermore
The wild hunt is over. (2x)
  • 1. "black", probably refers to "black magic" here, certainly not to the color of the miller's skin, as the formulation I'm using might imply. It may be a reference to the fairytale "Krabat", see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krabat
  • 2. literally, "most loved one"
  • 3. "love" in the sense of "dear", as a pet name etc.
  • 4. first grass of the year or season, perhaps
  • 5. perhaps "his end" is meant, but I translated it literally
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Die wilde Jagd

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nordlichreiternordlichreiter    Thu, 09/10/2014 - 00:37

Hi, I just sat down and worked through the chords for this song on guitar, since it is so catchy. :)

I think it's Key of C.

The progression is: C - Am - Dm - G

Boon_RoundBoon_Round    Wed, 05/11/2014 - 12:59

Great translation (my high-school German allows me get the general idea of most of Faun's songs but I usually end up looking for a translation to get the details), so many thanks. With regard to the 'black' miller, I would assume that 'black' refers to dark in the poetic sense where it usually denotes evil/badness/danger (which would make sense when considering that the lovely maiden is described as white in her transformations - think about all those stories and movies where the bad guy wears black and the good guy wears white); it's not a race thing it's something that comes from ancient times when darkness and nighttime heralded the greatest - and unseen - dangers (which is interestingly a trait found in many cultures all over the world).

jennet.bierley.5jennet.bierley.5    Tue, 16/12/2014 - 21:47

Have just been introduced to Faun! Thanks for the translation! For this song, please compare "The Two Blacksmiths" of Steeleye Span.

   Fri, 15/05/2015 - 02:36

Hi, I think "die schwarze Mühle" refers to a fairytale, most prominently told in the book "Krabat". In this tale the orphan boy Krabat ends up as an apprentice of the dark arts in the black mill, the master of the black mill is a sorcerer.

So I would translate "Herr der schwarzen Mühle" -> "master of the black mill", not gentleman, as he definitely is not a gentleman...

   Fri, 15/05/2015 - 23:47

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually really like the sound of that "master of the black mill."

by the way, I think the transcription needs a couple of edits, if you please:

"den Mogen" should be "den Morgen"
Also, I hear "sprang durch" rather than "floh"

   Fri, 15/05/2015 - 23:51

I'll do...

If you find it somewhere on the internet watch the movie "Krabat", it's very good... :)