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Digla si mi cenu (English translation)

  • Artist: Aca Lukas (Аца Лукас)
  • Song: Digla si mi cenu
  • Translations: English #1
English translationEnglish

You raised my price

Versions: #1#2
Everyone, now everyone loves me out of a sudden
They hold something for me
I didn't know them until yesterday
All the women, out of a sudden, think that I'm handsome
They give me kisses for free
Until yesterday, I was stealing love from them
You raised, you raised my price
You're my fairy godmother
Oh, if only you knew how big of a fool you are
I will never say "Thank you"
Everyone, now everyone loves me out of a sudden
And just until this year
They wouldn't even greet me
All of them, none of them would say "No" now
They worship me as I was God
Just until yesterday, I was small for them
Submitted by theserbianhoneytheserbianhoney on 2022-09-28
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