Çelik - Dilberim (English translation)

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My Charming Lady

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Hug me, I’ve sacrificed myself for you.
Love me, I’ve wasted this soul for your sake.
My lover, my everything, my charming lady who built a throne in my heart.
Affections are to be sated with love.
Unions are to satiate the thirst for you.
I tried, but it's not enough, my troubles are not over.
This pain is not relieved.
Neither I will be sated with you, nor my thirst for you will satiate, my charming lady.
Shoot me!
What are those eyes, those eyebrows for?
Make me exhausted!
Wails, groans, they stall me off.
My lover, my everything,
My charming lady who built a throne in my heart.
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