Paul Abucean - Dilemas (English translation)



Estirpe de ladrones y de putas...
Cezar Ivănescu
- Soñando a las valacas las reveo;
¿Recuerdas la belleza de esas nenas?
- Pues me robaron toda cosa buena,
Y tuve que tragarme lo más feo.
-¡Ah, serafinas, lírico aleteo!
¿Recuerdas su candor, su faz serena?
- Recuerdo a María Magdalena,
Con mucha pena, cada vez que meo.
- Pero ¿por qué no ves su augusta fruta,
Su majestad, su gracia absoluta?
¿Por qué no ves sus nimbos de madonas?
- Cuando se les jubilan las hormonas,
Las que nos roban dejan de ser putas,
Pero las putas siguen de ladronas.
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Vile tribe of thieves and never-sated whores...
Cezar Ivănescu
"Wallachian girls now in my dreams I see;
Do you recall the beauty of those queens?"
"They stole my money and my other means,
So just the ugliest was left for me."
"Oh, purest angels, wingèd poesy!
Do you recall their candid face that sheens?"
"The face I see is Mary Magdalene's,
And gives me pangs of pain each time I pee."
"But why do you not see their noble fruit,
Their breed so high, their grace so absolute?
Their hallowed holy halo why ignore?"
"When all those hormones peaceful graves have found,
The stealers thereby cease to screw around,
The screwers keep on stealing more and more".
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Translated by Paul Abucean
For some of the most shameless cases of intellectual theft, see as well as

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