Ana Alcaide - Diosa Luolaien (English translation)


Diosa Luolaien

Surca el cielo
poderosa Luolaien,
que tu alegre vuelo
el hombre quiere cortar.
Joven Deang tu buena mujer
acaricia el aire a su voluntad
¿no temes que no regrese hoy
y te deje solo en el hogar?
‘Dime sabio padre:
¿cómo puedo yo lograr
que en la firme tierra
anude ella sus pies?’
‘Teje de caña un cinturón
en colores de uva y carmín
préndelo a su fino talle
y jamás se volverá a marchar’.
Desde entonces, Luolaien
nadie ha vuelto a verte volar
sobre los plantíos de maíz
mientras él trenza con el bambú.
Y a su lado luces tu cinturón
en colores de uva y carmín
no te ausentas nunca del hogar
mientras sueñas con el cielo azul.
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English translation

Goddess Luolaien

Plow through the sky
Powerful Luolaien,
As men would cut
Your happy flight.
Young Deang, your good wife
Caresses the air as she pleases;
Are you not afraid that today she won't be back,
And that she'll leave you alone at home?
"Tell me, wise father:
How do I manage to
Fasten her feet to
The firmness of the ground?"
'Weave a belt from reeds
Of the color of grape and carmine;
Fasten it to her slim waist,
And she will never leave again.'
Ever since then, Luolaien,
Nobody has seen you fly again,
Above the planted corn,
While he plaits the bamboo.
And at his side, in splendor you wear your belt
Of the color of grape and carmine;
You are never absent from the hearth,
While you dream of the blue sky.
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