Nino Ferrer - Le Sud (English translation)

English translation

One says that in the south

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There's a place that looks like Lousiana
In Italy
Laundry is spread out on the front yard
It's very pretty
On says that in the south
Time is longer
And life for sure
More than a millions years
And it's always summer
There are a lot of children who loll about in the grass
There are lots of dogs
There's even a cat, a turtle, gold fishes
Nothing's missing
One day or another there has to be war
We know it for sure
We don't like it but we don't know what else could be done
We say it's destiny
Too bad for the south
It was so nice all the same
One could have lived
For more than a million years
And it would have been always summer
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Le Sud

Joutsenpoika    Sat, 01/04/2017 - 23:52

The lyrics and title have been corrected; please revise your translation.