Do not give a shit

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Do not give a shit (English) — Don't care # sth that it isn't important for spesific person
Example : " I don't give a shit " which means :I dont care - its not important for me .

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Do not give a shit — به لامه وه گرينگ نيه

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Translations of "Do not give a shit"

AlbanianNuk më intereson/ Se vras mendjen/ Se çaj kokën
Breton (Brezhoneg)Ne vern ket din
DutchDat maakt mij niet uit
FrenchJe m'en tamponne le coquillard
FrenchJe n'en ai rien à cirer
FrenchJe m'en tape
FrenchJ'en ai rien à foutre/cirer
FrisianMakket my neat út
FrisianDat is my likefolle
Germandas geht mir am Arsch vorbei!
GermanDas ist mir egal
GreekΔε μου καίγεται καρφί
ItalianNon me ne importa un cazzo!
Italiannon me ne importa nulla
LithuanianMan vienodai (rodo)/ Man nusispjaut.
Persianبرام مهم نيست / اهميت نمي دم!!!
RomanianMi-e tot una
RussianКакая разница
SerbianBaš me briga
Bulgarian, English #1, #2, Spanish
SerbianСвеједно ми је или није ми битно.
SlovakJe mi to ukradnuté
SlovakMám to v paži || mám to u riti
SpanishNo importale (a alguien) un carajo
SpanishMe da igual
SpanishNo importarle (a alguien) una mierda
Turkishhic onemi yok
TurkishS*kimde bile değil
Turkishbana ne, beni ilgilendirmez

"Do not give a shit" in lyrics

Talking shit behind my back, dare you say it to my face?
I've heard the words roll out your lips.
You little trendy fuckin' bitch!
The time has come to get you some, cause I just do not give a shit.


Five Finger Death Punch - War Is The Answer

See everything foreign as a threat
But I do not want to participate
Am I a worse Swede for that?
Honestly I do not give a shit

Because one day the sun will set

Asta Kask - Don't want to participate