Do or die

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Do or die (English) — Persist, even if death is the result.
Something that you say when you are in a situation in which you must take a big risk in order to avoid failure

English, explained by SoPink on Wed, 21/12/2016 - 10:51

Do or die — ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς

Greek (classical), explained by SoPink on Wed, 21/12/2016 - 10:53

Do or die — Сделай или умри - смерть является конечным результатом. Вы говорите это в каких-то ситуациях, например, поединках.

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Do or die — смерть є кінцевим результатом. Ви говорите це в якихось ситуаціях, наприклад, поєдинках. (укр. зроби чи помри)

Ukrainian, explained by venusbaek on Sun, 22/04/2018 - 06:49

Translations of "Do or die"

FrenchAgir ou mourir
SpanishVencer o morir

"Do or die" in lyrics

While I'm whiping my butt
Cause I just shitted on the mic and like getting cut
I get excited at the sight of my blood, you better fight with a nut
Cause I'mma fight 'til I die or win
Biting the dust it'll just make me angrier
Wait, let me remind you of what got me this far

Eminem - Survival

And take me to the other side
Kiss me like it’s do or die
And take me to the other side

Jason Derulo - The Other Side

Hide carefully,
I can see you,
how dare you underestimate me
The scale is different here, it’s motherfuckin do or die

My rap dementia smears shit all over the beat

Epik High - Born Hater

Paradise is a love colored, flame sky
Is it nice to feel free and wild?
Paradise is a game of do or die
I just ride, ride, ride

Lana Del Rey - Angels Forever

It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By

I can't lie, pictures in my living room
When I ride, dashboard, digital
To the sky, so thankful that you're in my world
Do or die, baby, I ain't kidding you

I don't wanna be your distant man

Cody Simpson - iYiYi

so don't arouse my anger, fool
Death aint nothing
but a heart beat away
I'm living life do or die,
what can I say
I'm twenty-three now, but

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out

Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

The Buffalo soldier, dread-lock rasta
On the twelfth hour, fly by in my bomber
Crews run for cover, now they're under pushin' up flowers
Superfly true lies, do or die,
Toss me high - only puff la, With my crew from lock high
I refugee from Guantanamo Bay

Fugees - Ready Or Not

The Buffalo soldier**,rasta sa dredovima
U pet do dvanaest,letim pored u mom bombarderu
Ekipe beže u zaklon,sada kopaju jame
Superfly true lies, do or die***
Dimovi gandže bacaju me visoko,sa mojom ekipom
Izbegao iz zaliva Gvantanamo

Fugees - Spreman ili ne

Take your hand in mine, it's ours tonight
This is a rebel love song
Hearts will sacrifice, it's do or die
This is a rebel love song

Black Veil Brides - Rebel Love Song

Lay the proud usurpers low
Tyrants fall in every foe
Liberty's in every blow
Let us do or die!

Robert Burns - Scots Who Have

Rolling, turning, diving
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again.
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, Aces High.

Iron Maiden - Aces High

Speak[?] to love and the sand runs out
So close to midnight
Time to fly
Do or die
Stung[?] in the headlights

Travis - Idlewild

We’re alive
And the future never dies
In your eyes
The future never dies

Scorpions - The Future Never Dies

Time is running, got to go
(Time to do or die)
Fate is coming down, oh no
(Time to do or die)
Let it go

30 Seconds to Mars - Do Or Die

Count money, drug residue even blood on ‘em
He had a driver 'til I put my cuz on it
Kickin' in the door boy, Suicide Squad
Needle in my arm so I'm do or die for it

Ain't no mercy, a-ain't no mercy

Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

Brush it off and then come back for more!
Come back for more

It's do or die!
Time to settle the score, gotta give it all you got and then you give it some more
There will be blood

Five Finger Death Punch - Back For More

Take me away from the hood in the casket or a Bentley
Take me away, like I overdosed on coc­­aine
Take me away like a bu­­llet from Kurt Cobaine
Sui­­cide (Sui­­cide..sui­­cide..), I'm from a windy city, like "Do or Die"
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus shot for no fuc­­kin' reason

Lil Wayne - My Life

Go and try, you'll never break me
We want it all, we wanna play this part (We'll carry on)

Do or die, you'll never make me (We'll carry on)
Because the world will never take my heart (We'll carry on)
Go and try, you'll never break me (We'll carry)

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

They call me Mr. Gamble With Your Life - Russian roulette,
Half a million spent on the new jet
Suicide trips, do or die threats
All around the world, you and I - yup
I keep your hair looking flyer (2)

Timati - Money In The Bank

Ok, look, this is not a conversation
It's a do-or-die situation
If you don't give me back the king
I'll have no hesitation

Descendants (OST) - It's Goin' Down

But we’ll never be truly free
until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me,
you and I. Do or die. Wait till I sally in
on a stallion with the first black battalion
have another—

Hamilton (musical) - My Shot

Carry your heart in your hand

And you will have another grand romance
Like it’s do or die
Never giving in
Always let your heart win

Conchita Wurst - You Are Unstoppable

[For creed and pride, take hold]
Blood is the cry, we'll do or die
for Stalingrad [Stalingrad]
we'll do or die [Stalingrad]
Blood is the cry
It's the battle of Stalingrad...

Accept - Stalingrad

It's the battle cry
It's the battle cry
Nobody can save you now
It's do or die

Just one more time before I go

Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry

You all stank, we got the bigger bank
Bigger shank to fill your tank
Still the same kill you for real, while you crank
Slide, do or die, fry to bake
Admire the greats, on fire with a heart of hate
Bitter shark, every part I take, heavy darts that quake

Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

I remember me, oh woah
I remember me, I tell you what my name
I tell you what me name is
Do or die

Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me

See me running full speed at it
Shattering, collide
Call it post-traumatic
Now it's do or die
Coming after tiny fractures
Coming after tiny fractures

Illenium - Fractures

The town bishop is an extortionist
And he don't even know that you exist
Standing still when it's do or die
You better run for your fucking life

Green Day - Letterbomb

I never get enough

All expenses paid; it’s all done with one click
No consequences, do or die
Why impose fixed limits
Give me the monsta package

Culcha Candela - Flat Rate

Now look who's sorry
God I'm so sorry
It was never the right time
I guess it's do or die


Céline Dion - Surprise Surprise

it's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

Louis Armstrong - As Time Goes By

Stuck between the do or die, I feel emaciated
Hard to breathe I try and try
I'll get asphyxiated.
Swinging from the tallest height
With nothing left to hold on to.

Placebo - Come Home

cos you’re the light that makes me shine
you’re the hero in my eyes
win or lose, do or die
i’m aimin’ high

Laura Pausini - The extra mile

Can't see the end of this or who survives
It's just another case of do or die
Can't see the end of this or who survives
It's just another case of do or die

Example - Won't Go Quietly

I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when we're down to the wire baby
Even when it's do or die
We can do it baby simple and plain
This love is a sure thing

Miguel - Sure Thing

On your ass we'll pounce like a panther
Cut the bullshit out with a dagger
With a dagger(x2)
Do or die we all gonna stay young
Shoot the lights out with a machine gun
Think it's time for a revolution

Ke$ha - Warrior

So now I'm floating on the other side
For you I do or die

I drink, I smoke, I fly, I die for you [x4]

Chris Brown - Die for You

어, 꼭꼭 숨어라
니 머 머 머리카락 보일라
어딜 넘봐?
스케일이 달라. 여긴 motherfuckin' do or die

[Verse 4: Mithra]

Epik High - Born Hater

Pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round

Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream
Crucify and ask why either do or die

Archive - Bastardised Ink

I'm a loc'd out gangsta set trippin' banger
And my homies is down so don't arouse my anger, fool
Death ain't nothing but a heartbeat away,
I'm living life, do or die, what can I say
I'm 23 now, but will I live to see 24
The way things are going I don't know

maNga - Gangsta's Paradise

Bumpin' Graduation, welcome to the Good Life
Fuckin' with the baddest chicks
Rollin' with the coolest guys
Only three words that I live by: do or die
When everybody making money
Everybody gettin' on

Tinie Tempah - Fuck It I'm Gone

To see the sun again I'd give anything
But life demands a final chapter
A story that we all must leave behind
It's do or die, and this is mine
The anthem of a bird with a broken wing
The anthem of a bird with a broken wing

Owl City - Bird with a Broken Wing

[Verse 1]
I see police on the crooked I
Doing a 100 on the Interstate 95
My shawty leanin' blasting that Do or Die
Pushin' that motherfuckin' wood cuz we certified
Got a system that'll beat and knock your wall off

Akon - I'm So Paid

where most of my niggas committed suicide
Every story got a two side
T-shirt tryna make it to the suit and tie
You kno a nigga gotta survive, it's do or die
We gotta make it and it's really up to you and I
Started from the bottom nigga really did a lot

Sarkodie - New Guy

Come along and ride on a fantasic voyage
Slide slide slippity-slide
When you're living in a city it's do or die
Come along and ride on a fantasic voyage
Slide slide who-ride

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

The day I’m on top of the world, look up the screen like this is me,
This is Kells
Crucified by the public without the nails
Do or die in my city but clearly I never failed
Lost myself in the game when I found myself in a cell
And I found myself in the fame when I lost myself in the pills

Machine Gun Kelly - Invincible

I wonder if I fell from the sky
Will I hit the ground or will I learn how to fly
I'm pretty sure you see it in my eyes
Sometimes I wonder if I already died
That shit get deep, deep, deep
Man I swear to god that shit just get so deep, deep, deep, deep

Big Sean - Deep

If they refuse to give your hand to me
I will never give you to anyone else either
Our love will endure with its strength
It's do or die, there's no going back

Look in my eyes, not crying darling

Yurtseven Kardeşler - There's No Going Back

이 세상을 전부 Do we rock
몸을 던져 It’s do or die
넌 그대로 넌 그대로
날 믿고 기다려

B.A.P (South Korea) - SKYDIVE

Hey you, where did you come from?
Got a head full of lead, you're a inbred bastard son.
All dressed up, red blooded, a mannequin
Do or die, no reply, don't deny that you're synthetic.
You're pathetic.

Green Day - Prosthetic Head

Alien faces everywhere I go
Downtown bitch that's where I smoke
Got my heart next to my phone
Do or die? Stupid high
Lonely nights, finna sacrifice
Fuck your life, I need mine

Yung Lean - Yoshi City

Linda Napalm nous a quittés, au fond du couloir une vahiné
Vapeur de monoï, œil dilaté, et soudain se met à chanter
Dans le motu il fait si chaud, tu sens ton aura qui commence à s'élever
<cite>Our is not to do or die, our is to smoke and stay high</cite>

La Femme - Amour dans le motu

At a time
Wanna see it all come true

Do or die, every day and night
My eyes are on the prize
With the road underneath my feet

Foreigner - Can't Slow Down

You have always taught me right from wrong
You always told me I could sing myself a song
Mom, I got to go, it's a case of do or die, do or
It's like you always told me, keep your head to the sky

Rick James - Hollywood

We're shooting like the stars

Give me, give me one more night
We goin' til we die
We make it stupid hot
Show 'em what we got

Bella Thorne - One More Night

Rolling, turning, diving
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high.

Arch Enemy - Aces High

We try to make it betta before I take the plane far
Don’t care 'bout the reason it’s do or die this season
Just once in the lifetime things come to this position
U shine underwater I face your face

Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša - Demons

Hey, I'm a big smash I'm goin' for infinity yeah!

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a fortune waiting to be had
If you think I'll let you go you're mad

Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Live to tell the tale, cause only God's my witness
Been a long time, change gonna come son, I'm optimistic
I hold the shield like Ron O'Neal
Super fly, do or die, killer hill, Brownsville
Never win, never will, yes I can, yes I will
Put a dot upon your knot then I shoot through your grill

Wu-Tang Clan - Ron O'Neal

Parachute closed up dive right into your love, your love, your love
Blind fold on the floor uncensored I’m hardcore, hardcore, hardcore
Do or die dare devil I’m obsessed til’ I get you I’m in cardiac arrest
Pedal to the fuckin’ metal I’m never slowin’ down, slowin’ down

Jeffree Star - If It Kills Me

It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

Demis Roussos - As time goes by

Yo... straight thugs on this side - it's do or die to the death
Like the terminal ill takin they last breath
Read your last rites - God, forgive me

Mobb Deep - It's Mine

It's dive in head first, all-or-nothing kind of thing
Every single time that we lay it on the line
It's a roller coaster ride for one
When you know it's do or die, and you're running out of time
We gotta give it all we've got

Against The Current - Brighter

[Bridge: Chris Brown & Brandy]
Thinking 'bout you and I, thinking 'bout you and I
My heart's beating in slow motion, knowing that it's over
Thoughts got me thinking 'bout suicide, baby, this is do or die
When you told me it's over, ain't no point in being sober
All I wanna do is fade away, fade away

Chris Brown - Do Better

Tell me what you see
Numbers on a screen
Don’t you dare deny
Time to do or die
There’s no in between

3 - Numbers

Throwing my dreams out of my mind
Casting them into the sky
Canceling tasks I've delayed for so long
Now it's do or die

I can't be seen I can't be heard

Stratovarius - Will The Sun Rise?

Left, right, left, retrace my steps
I swear I had it right here and these things just so disappear
Back and forth, I break a sweat
Promise I guard it with my life, so much for do or die

Everything now means nothing to me, I got for keepsaking

Jeffree Star - In My Pocket

This ain't no cross to carry
We are the judge and jury; we are the judge and jury

No one gets out alive, every day is do or die
The one thing you leave behind
Is how did you love, how did you love?

Shinedown - How Did You Love?

and watched the fireflies
And never spoke a single word
But lived to do or die
We lived to do or die

We read the tales of treason

Blackmore's Night - Avalon

We were sittin'on go at that old stop sign
Headlights shinin' on the county line
It was do or die, had to get out of that town

Well honey, you said run

Jake Owen - Settin' The World On Fire

Take me away from the hood, in a casket or a Bentley
Take me away, like I overdosed on cocaine
Or take me away, like a bullet from Kurt Cobain
Suicide, I'm from a Windy City, like Do or Die
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus, shot for no fucking reason

The Game - My Life

We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our face held high
It never would have worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out, I

Sleeping at Last - Already Gone

Stranger, make me remember you

Taken by the crowd a tide
It's there then gone do or die

Stranger, I dream of you and

Goldfrapp - Stranger

[Verse 2]
It's getting dark, let's light a spark
Ignite our hearts and burn away
This is our time, it's do or die
Come on, let's rise for heaven's sake

Tritonal - Getaway

Ready to take off and fly
I’m ready, I’m ready
It’s all about to do or die
I’m ready, get ready

Andreas Weise - Bring Out The Fire

if I gotta hang by the neck just to get you off
then come on show me the rope
I ain’t afraid to spit in the wind
I always gotta do or die
you say I don’t fit your rock n roll
well funny thing, I never tried

Ghoultown - Dead Outlaw

Beni ghetto'dan kurtarın, ya tabutla ya da Bentley* ile
Beni kurtarın, yüksek doz kokain de olur
Ya da Kurt Cobain'den gelen bir mermiyle de kurtulabilirim
İntihar, ben Rüzgarlı Şehir'denim*, tıpkı Do or Die* gibi
Biggie'nin çarmıha gerildiği yere yakın bir mahalledenim
Brooklyn'in İsa'sını, boş yere öldürdüler

The Game - Benim Hayatım

It's piling up one by one
It's piling up one by one

You look bluer, do your do or die
But I ain't pull or push that pin in your side
A body split in two doesn't know how to sleep

The Kills - Murdermile

Wanna smoke some weed
Wanna get high
ever day motherfucker,bitch its do or die (x2)

If you want to talk to me.

De La Ghetto - "Tell me about ticket"

Hold my hand (hold me)
Check my heart
Skydive (All the world, Do we rock)
Skydive (Throw your body, It’s do or die)
Just like that, just like that, trust me and wait
We can skydive free fall

B.A.P (South Korea) - SKYDIVE

If your girl's out of place it's your girl I slap

And if you're dumb, you'll ask why
I am from Bed, Do-or-Die
The Audio Two, the Two's Audio
I got a brother and his name's Gizmo

Audio Two - Top Billin'

Got something to say
Lay it all down
Throw your doubt away
Do or die now
Step on to the plate
Blow the door wide open like up up and away

Glee Cast - Light Up The World

I've seen the signs
Made up my mind
It's almost time
Atoms fly... it's do or die
All of this ends tonight

Hypnogaja - Apocalyptic Love Song

We have to try, we'll pay the price
It's do or die

Hey, I've died twice

What can't we face if we're together

Buffy - Once More With Feeling (OST) - I've Got A Theory

And it works like a charm.
But I won't be deprived,
Real worlds, surreal life,
Do or die,
There is time,
Go to sleep,

Tame Impala - Endors Toi

Blicken rakt fram som i videon
Till Bittersweetsymphony
Så har det vart i hela mitt liv
Do or die, now or never
Topp till tå i svarta kläder
Inuti, utanpå

Markus Krunegård - Hollywood Hills

These are the days you can't forget
These are the times you can't regret
This is your time for no surrender, surrender
This is your chance to do or die
This is your path so run or hide
This is your time for no surrender, surrender

Taproot - No Surrender

I'm gone
I'm love drunk and not sober
Yeah it's do or die, baby you and I
We should get just a little bit closer
So baby come and hop up on my range

Jake Miller - Collide

You and I will ride into the sun
Together we are one

Do or die
They can never make us testify
They can try to take away the fire

Måns Zelmerlöw - Renegades

This world, it’s got you in its sights

Rise, rise. Rise, rise. It’s all or nothing.
Rise, rise. Rise, rise. It’s do or die.
Rise. Rise. Rise.

Parkway Drive - Vice Grip

You'll cut bullets when you leave
You have nightmares, I have dreams
We need Mother Mary White
Hold in breath and wait to die
Just another shallow man
Zipped up in a body bag

Hollywood Undead - Does Everybody In The World Have To Die

Sight straight forward like in the video
To Bittersweetsymphony
So have it been whole my life
Do or die, now or never
Top to toe in black clothes
Within, outward

Markus Krunegård - Hollywood Hills

널 그대로 보여줘 ready or not

Yes or no 따지지 말고 언제나 내 방식대로
Keep going yup do or die
그 중 선택해 뭐든 니가 하고 싶은 대로 하면 돼
It’s your choice yup

Monsta X - Ready or Not

Here's to the heroes
Who aim so high
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die

Mario Frangoulis - Here's To The Heroes

I'm out of your sight,
Looking for a new fights,
It's always do or die,
Lust and desire.

GJan - Wild

Take me away from the hood in the casket or a Bentley
Take me away, like I overdosed on coc­­aine
Take me away like a bu­­llet from Kurt Cobaine
Sui­­cide (Sui­­cide..sui­­cide..), I'm from a windy city, like "Do or Die"
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus shot for no fuc­­kin' reason

Lil Wayne - My life - the game

Send my city up in flames
And yea though I walk through the valley of the death
But my hope still remains
Whether dead or alive, this is do or die
When Christ is the gain
So raise your torches up high

lacrea - battle song

I keep my homies not here, so I'm a lonely dope, G

Death ain't nothing but a heartbeat away
I'm livin' life, yo, do or die, what can I say?
I'm thirteen now, but will I live to see anymore?
The way things are going I don't know

Christian Weston Chandler - (Clyde's) Trollsta's Paradise

Oh… need no alibi, alibi
Oh… need no alibi, alibi
Do or die, you’ve set my world on fire
Need no reason why, need no alibi, alibi

Eddie Razaz - Alibi

wanna smoke some weed
wanna get high
ever day motherfucker,bitch its do or die (x2)

Si quieres hablarme a mi

De La Ghetto - hablame de ticket

Grab your gear and hit the juice
Then take a shot at making history

Its time to go, its do or die
A kamikaze lullaby
Is in my suicidal memory

Skid Row - Let's go!

The sea full of squids doesn’t overflow of because of ebb and flow

Plus... arms, thoughts, and plans are all hidden now
Fires died in winter burn in summer, without looking back
Everything is leveled to the ground
Livelihood of ones whom we make much of shouldn’t be haram (forbidden)

Ceza - Who should I tell?

Yes, we will drive until the ending of it all

So, here we are we left the world behind
You've got your foot on the gas and it's do or die
And these wheels are all we need as we're cruising
So here we are in this Cadillac

In This Moment - Just Drive

Good bite out of the city

Show and prove
Do or die
We don't sleep, we don't cry
No, no, we don't cry

Yohio - Welcome To the City

Melt your body parts in a tub full of sulfuric acid
Drastic measures we take just to get by
for all the shit you gotta go through to get high
Stand by, do or die for the West coast
Wanna fuck with Xzibit but can't come close motherfuckers

Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

Damned if I don't, and damned if a nigga do
Now watch a young motherfucker pull the trigger too
RAISE UP, and don't let them see ya cry
Dry your eyes, young nigga time for do or die
I pack a pistol in my pocket, ready on my Glock
Ain't no time for a nigga to even cock shit

2Pac - Getting Money

Mind racing and my body pacing, but I'm in it for you (in it for you)
I've been on my own for too long, it's just you and I
Everything we ever talk about you know, is do or die
Any type of way you feeling right now, you can let it die
312 type of girl, why you always shy?
I can feel it happen the second I said it, don't let it get the best you

Ansel Elgort - You Can Count On Me

And my homies are down, don't arouse my anger.

Death ain't nothing but a heartbeat away,
I'm living life, do or die, what can I say?
I'm 23 now, but will I live to see 24?
The way things are going, I don't know!

Falling in Reverse - Gangsta's Paradise

The demons in my veins
Seesaw in the same old ways
Tired of these wicked games
Do you hear my cry: now it`s do or die!

Nothing to say, just leave me

Savn - The Demons In Me

4중추돌에 천사를 잃어
내 천사를 기억해 심장위에 기록해
그녀의 인생이 더해진 삶
Do or Die Juvie 기차
Never gonna stop
내 목에 십자가를 긋지마

LeeSsang - Surviver

조명 한가운데 무대라는 나만에 그라운드에
난 때론 애러난 컴퓨터처럼 또 그렇게 다운돼
허나 이 사운드에 I get up and I bounce back!
It's do or die~ 난 죽더라도 계속 싸울테!

LeeSsang - 투혼

I will never fall off, I just fall back
Don't make me pull up, pull up where you boys ball at
And show you little fake hustlers what the trap is
I have you run, it's do or die, it's all practice
I got warrior blood, I fear no heir
No army, no weapon, no man

Waka Flocka Flame - Game On

But it's still the same old story
The fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

Carly Simon - As Time Goes By

And they're gonna fly
Cause I've come to fight
Baby tonight
It's do or die

No cause we got plans, yeah

Fort Hope - Plans

High above, fallen angels, now it's do or die
The price you have to pay is high, a drama in the sky
Sole survivor, holy ghost, the writings on the wall
Words ain't what they seem to be, all heroes gonna fall

Out of the shadows and into the sun

Axel Rudi Pell - Fire

I just wanna get this paper

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
It's do or die on my side of things
Destiny is my livelihood
I'm Iverson with the long braids

DJ Khaled - Pull a Caper

Caught up into your vibe
Your love is do or die
You got me sinking under
I'm all out of air now

Kat DeLuna - Waves

Flyin' high!

Do or die on the edge of a rainbow

Flyin' high!

Axel Rudi Pell - Flyin' High

Give me the bad news first
Cause the good news is probably worse
My feelings don't get hurt anymore
It's always do or die
And I don't have the time
So smile

Mutemath - Joy Rides

You should know that, you can't hold back

[Chorus: Danny]
This is your life, it's do or die
The sun may never rise again, so be the light, the vision
This is your life, it's slipping by

Hollywood Undead - Your Life

I don't stop walkinn' tryna keep alive ma dream
I'm a B e w h Y 누구도 아닌 꿈꾸는 미래의 내가 바로 나의 wannabe
내 미래를 이미 이룬 듯 믿을 수 밖에 난 모든걸 걸었기에
내 선택은 절대로 많지 않지 Do or Die
의심 가득했던 나는 신에게 허구 헛 날 물어봤어
내가 꾸는 꿈을 내 능력으로 갚을 수 있냐고

BewhY - The Time Goes On

(Hey, don't wait)
The universe won't wait for you
(wait, don't wait)
It's do or die, what you gon-gon-gonna choose

You got a look in your eyes

Walk The Moon - Avalanche

Always at your side everytime we collide
Gotta surrender the war
Cause I was on your side you and I do or die
But I can't take anymore

Girlicious - Wake Up

Really should care about your love or your hate of me
Yeah I should care... but I don't
And it's not about giving up on you
It's not a case of do or die
It's simply that it's over and out for me
There's no more room inside

The Cure - Alt.End

Drinkin' a double, feeling struggle
Know there's a way out from under this rubble
Compromise, risk high
If we do, it's do or die

We got muscle, won't be trouble

Vince Kidd - Almost Angels

Their guns all rain down
Say your prayers
Fall and run
This is do or die this time
Raise your fist
Give 'em hell boys

Radical Face - The Deserter's Song

We took a walk to the summit at night, you and I
To burn a hole in the old grip of the familiar, you and I
And the dark was opening wide, do or die
Under a mask of vermillion (a million) ruling eyes

Agnes Obel - Familiar

Time, you're never going to take me alive
Gonna to find another way to survive
It's do or die
It's me against the world

Pop Evil - Epitaph

Was raised with the street mentallity
My strategy's why my battery never die
The ghetto kept me wise, so I would never fall to the lies
It's no surprise, but do or die if you want the glamour
Yeah, I want the glamour, laid up with cheese and trees in Atlanta
While Cuban's smoked out like Ronald Isley with Havanas

Big Pun - Capital Punishment

Down, down, down, down

Don't leave me out to dry
With me it's do or die
Don't roll the dice with me
You won't win

Ghost Town - Down

We wear the colours, Maroon and Blue
We will always fight for victory
We will always see it through
Win or loose, We do or die
But in defeat, we always try
Fitzroy, Fitzroy

Soccer Anthems Australia - We are the boys from 'old Fitzroy (Fitzroy Lions)

I've got no excuse
It's my alibi
A victim of fashion
Dressed to do or die

Don't worry about me

Sum 41 - No Apologies

(And they were changed forever)
Then they had the strength they'd need
(To get through stormy weather)
Do or die, you gotta try

Isn't it a bit surprising

A Bug's Life (OST) - The time of your life

Carolina, let your voices sing to you
we sing our praises high!
Ring out! Sing out! On to victory forever fight,
we'll do or die.
Carolina, fight with all your might,
Let all unite in proud acclaim

Fight Songs US College - Gamecocks Fight Song (University of South Carolina)

Let the whole world shout UCLA.
With our battle cry Bruin!
Conquer all!
We will do or die! UCLA!
There’s a game to be won, to be won!
Put the foe on the run, on the run!

Fight Songs US College - Strike up the Band for UCLA (UCLA)

Blown apart

The blood of soldiers testify
To what preachers told us, do or die
Distortions caught us out in the cold
I swear I'll never get that old

Strike Anywhere - Invisible Colony

Linda Napalm left us, a Polynesian dancer at the end of the corridor
With monoi steam, dilated eyes, suddenly she starts singing
It's so hot in the islet, you can feel your own aura elevating
Our is not to do or die, our is to smoke and stay high

La Femme - Love in the islet

And anything you ever wanted on this fuckin planet
Understand that I would make it happen like you did my dreams
Listen, please, let me intervene, fitted at the seems
You and I, this is do or die, there's no room to hide
Who am I, gettin' deeper than a suicide, though?
I balance out my music and my love on this tightrope.

F. Virtue - Cufflinks

바빠서 Sorry 아이구
Cause I’m young and cool
바빠서 Sorry
밑바닥 나락부터 올라온 Do or Die
자수성가 type 어린 나이에 많은
걸 이뤄내

Infinite H - I’M SORRY I’M BUSY

Pulling ducks out of the water
Got the highest score
Now's my chance and I must take it
A case of do-or-die
On a carousel, on a carousel

The Hollies - On a Carousel

(It) was just our nature

Goodbye to you
Do or Die” was what I have learnt from you
Do not turn your back to me cuz then I’ll kill you

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Break Out Your Stained Brain

Are wiped the fuck away

There is no such thing as different shades of truth
It's black or white, do or die
Filled with disgust

Parkway Drive - Swing

Skydive (這世上全部 Do we rock)
Skydive (將身體拋起 It's do or die)
你就這樣 相信我 等著我

B.A.P (South Korea) - Skydive (Japanese Ver.)

When I was young
And we would fuck the price
When I was young
It was do or die
I would give my life just to feel like
When I was young (woo!)

MØ - When I Was Young

there's no one can deny

it's still the same old story, a fight for love and glory,
a case of do or die,
the world will always welcome lovers, as time goes by

Fury in the Slaughterhouse - As Time goes by

The winners never quitting and the quitters never winning
I'm beginning to reveal the inner villain
I'ma kill the opposition
Or I'ma die trying

Stract - Or Die Trying

暴かれた Naked truth, truth
叫ぶのは Naked soul, soul
岐路に立つ Do or die, die
Yeah それを決めるのは, は (It’s up to you, now)

TVXQ - Humanoids (Japanese version)

It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

Dooley Wilson - As time goes by

It's still the same old story,
a fight for love and glory,
a case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers,
as time goes by.

Tony Bennett - As Time Goes By

그래 내 fashion 처럼
High 성층권을 넘어
Bye mother f 야 너보단 잘 나가지
올라 타 인터스텔라 난 항상 do or die

기준 조차 남이 정해주는 삶 그래 욕 봐

JooHeon - Interstellar

Lazy cop, fuckin' with that crazy cop
Always bragging 'bout that new case he got
Do or die cop, with that suicide cop
Tell the truth cop with that "You-a-lie" cop

Ice Cube - Good Cop Bad Cop

So fuck it, come share them, look
Rubber guys you gotta watch them
Move to you, you got to pop them
Do or die, you got to take them
Let it slide, you're a victim
Ride with your pride

Professor Green - Upper Clapton Dance

Do or die, it's just a matter of time
the matter I try to get on top
Sick and tired of endless lying
And all my rivals left behind

With a bag on my back

MÉLOVIN - Play This Life

Got the fireworks going off, Balotelli supplying
Eyeing him up is Neymar, setting off the claymore bombs
Each country is 'bout to get it on
It's do or die, a warfield, no time for failure, no time to freeze
On the other hand, you've got each team
Thinking that they can win penalties

Joe Weller - World Cup Song

You'll never change my mind
I got to Do or Die!!

Do or Die (x23)

Grace Jones - Do or Die

So you know this time it's do or die again

Baby, it's do or die

3OH!3 - Do or Die